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Top Secret About Hairstyle

The hair is a crown for a woman because it is not only beautify appearance, but it also to attract a man. For a woman, it is so nice to be adored by a man, even more if she is adored by many men. A kind of proud which is hard to explain by words. This feeling is a happiness just like shopping many things that we need and want. Every women wants to be beautiful everywhere and everytime. Agree?

So what should you do to make your crown become so amazing? You should take care of it well. Then you should make over to have a brand new look. If you have a long hair, just cut it into middle length or even the extreme one into short shape. If you do not have inspiration, just take a look at celebrities style. But if you still don’t know what to decide. Just stick right here and read this article until the last. Here are 5 top secret that you have to do in order to make your crown more precious.

middle length haircut » Top Secret About Hairstyle
middle length haircut
  • Take Care Your Hair
orange hairstyles » Top Secret About Hairstyle
orange hairstyles

If you agree that hair is the most precious part of your body, so you must take care of it. Not only using shampoo, you should use conditioner, hair mask, serum, vitamin, or any other kinds that can make your hair healthy and shining. Women need to be glowing, the one which can make this purpose go well is a nice hair. Nice means healthy, shining, and have a good shape. Talking about a good shape, yes you need to make a new haircut by discussing with a hair stylist. Any kinds of interested haircuts is the best way to attract a man. No one can can deny that every man always consider about a first sight. A first sight means the appearance of a woman. So the right haircut determine next step, he wants to know you more and fall in love or not.

  • Change Your Look
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If you still don’t have a boyfriend, just try a new look by doing haircut. Choose the best style that really suit to your face shape. If don’t know about it, just ask the hair stylist. If you change your look by having a new hair means that people will change their mind about you. If you want to attract a man that you really like or attract a man somewhere that you don’t know before, here are the best shape for your hair.

Long Wavy Hair

long wavy hair tips » Top Secret About Hairstyle
long wavy hair tips

If you have a straight long hair, it is so easy to change it into wavy. Just go to saloon or doing by yourself at home with iron tool and some serum. Make yourself become just like a Disney princess with this long wavy hair. No man can deny you if you have a nice long wavy hair. This princess style no need bangs. Just the center swept, then men attention will focus on you. But if your hair is not long enough, making it into wavy is a nice idea too. Just need a few time to make your hair become long.

Blow out

blow out hairstyles » Top Secret About Hairstyle
blow out hairstyles

This style is quite similar with wavy long hair but it is just shorter with artificial wave as the main point. Men really like someone (woman) with more volume hair because it seems healthy. More volume on your hair means that you can take care of your hair so well. This blow out can be managed to side or in the middle of your hair. Just swipe your hair wherever side that you want.

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asymmetric haircut » Top Secret About Hairstyle
asymmetric haircut

Have you ever heard or seen asymmetric hair? This style is simple and easy to manage. Asymetric doesn’t mean that your hair is so messy. Asymmetric just like shaggy but the cutting pole is not balance. Just take a look at picture! The woman is having layered hair with bangs that is not balance. Just ask your hair stylist, he or she will know what to do without you have to tell more. This style is really suit to a woman who has a middle length hair. This style can be cute with curly or wavy effect. Just try it and be ready a prince charming will come to you!