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Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018

Short hairstyles in 2018 become popular especially on the base of short choppy haircuts. This choppy creates the sassiest eye catching but low maintenance looks that instantly grab the highest style points. No matter what your hair type, you have to find lots of superb short hairdos here. The most favourite styles are short wavy hairstyles, short natural hairstyles, short punk, and thick short hairstyles. Take a look at perfect style guide with more than a hundred of gorgeous short hairstyle will inspire you. If you are still in doubt to change your style, just see how wonderful these short hairstyles. Let’s make a change!

  • Hype Bangs Short Layered
hype bangs short layered » Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018
hype bangs short layered

This hot short haircut is layered a lot and completed with layered bangs too. Some layers on the back and sides are blending in with the heart shape fringe. How to make it? After you have short layered hair just make it wet, then dry the hair with blow dryer and fingers. Make it smooth and bend sections of hair for more texture and dimension using a flat iron. Voila this cute and trendy hairstyle is yours! This style is suitable for oval face, but the others can also try it to be cool.

  • Round Face Fix
short hairstyle for round face » Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018
short hairstyle for round face

Don’t you know that a short hair is suitable for round face? Yes it is especially this style. This style exists to slim the feature that create self conscious. The roundness comes from genetics or weight issues. There are many short cuts that can help you more fabulous but this one is the best. Especially for the tomboy and energic women, this style never be bad in any occasion.

  • Short Bob with Highlights
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short bob with highlights haircut » Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018
short bob with highlights haircut

You have to further detract from facial roundness if you have a round face. You can add in a beautiful distraction like a day glo color throughout the hair. How about highlights? Choose blue because it is soothing, beautiful, and perfect for any season. If you never have short hair, just try this style because you will be more awesome. And the good side is this style still show feminine effect.

  • Cropped Hair
cropped haircut 2018 » Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018
cropped haircut 2018

This hair cut is totally short. Like a man? Yup, but this great especially for tomboy or energic woman. This cropped can be fantastic on women especially with grey color. in fact, this cute short hair is usually a favourite choice especially for the ones which need to slim down the face. Many hair stylist choose this style too as recommendation for round face shape people.

  • Reinvented Short
reinvented hairstyles » Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018
reinvented hairstyles

Confused while knowing this name? Throw your confuseness away. Try to jump on this new trend named pixie. Reinvented means this hair includes a nape and side undercut. This compromising style is perfect for farm weather. This cut is great for those fun loving ladies who are in search of something a little different. Don’t forget to brush hair forward to keep things looking thinned out. Have you ever tried out these? Comfortable is a feeling that you will have.

pixie trendy hair » Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018
pixie trendy hair
  • Delicate Feathers
delicate feathers haircut » Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018
delicate feathers haircut

If your hair is so thin and light, this style is really suitable for you. A layered cut can create flicks that have some impressive staying power every day. Best of all, it is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces with thin hair due to all over fringe that softens features. Just to make sure you want to try this if you have thin hair, this style really volumizing the hair. Wow is the word that people say if they see you.

  • Mermaid Chic
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mermaid chic haircut » Trendy Short Hair Style in 2018
mermaid chic haircut

You must be so curious with this style because the name is so sexy. But it is not feminine style because it is short. Girls with curly hair can really show off this style especially with fashion or clothes they wear. Straight haired ladies can also have fun with this pop of ocean colored. That is why this hair named is mermaid chic because of the cute color just like the sea.

All those awesome short hair will make your day. No one believes that it is you if you change your look with one of these hairstyles. Be ready for many compliments that you will get.