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10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women

Shag hair styles or shaggy with great colors are ideal for wavy and curly hair. But don’t worry for the straight hair owner, you can also have this haircut. Short, medium or long lenght hair shag was found in 2017 but it is much preferred in 2018. Check out The ’70s styles are back!

  1. Long and Straight
long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair

Who says that Shags should be short? No, it is not like that. Shags don’t have to be short just like Halle Berry’s look. How gorgeous she is! If you want to make some speciall addition, give more dimension by mixing in subtle highlights and wispy bangs. Ooops, people eyes are on you now!

  1. Platinum Long Bob
platinum long bob haircut » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
platinum long bob haircut

Long Bob or Lob of Jennifer Lawrence’s is awesome! Her hair is low maintenance, although the cut meets a high maintenance dye job. But don’t forget that Lob is easy to manage especially if your hair is straight. The secret for this hair is all about balance. This platinum shade offers serious old Hollywood vibes up for sure. Glamour is the right word to describe it!

  1. Retro Rocker
retro bob hairstyle » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
retro bob hairstyle

Being vintage or retro is fun! Yes, 2018 is identical with old stuffs. Just take a look at Chloe Grace Moretz’s shag. It is a reminiscent of the hairstyles seen on male rockstars in the ’70s. But, she is a women and it looks so amazing on her. So, if you want to be different, just try a man look. If it is fit you, people will follow your way.

  1. Curls with Bangs
curly hair with bangs 2018 » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
curly hair with bangs 2018

Curls shags are as great as shag looks on straight hair. A shag looks even more awesome with curls, don’t believ it? Come on try to go bold and try it with bangs. A flattering and face framing effect is done. Do you agree?

  1. Short with Side Swept Bangs
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short haircuts with side swept bangs » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
short haircuts with side swept bangs

For this case, short is the best for shag. Just see Anne Hathaway’s playful style, the hair has all the edginess of a short cut with the comfort of longer layers. Sexy right? This cut is so cute because of the contrast between side swept bangs and a longer back. Side swept really helps women look.

  1. Loose Curls
long loose curl hairstyles » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
long loose curl hairstyles

Loose curls or wavy is hype again. Just like Meg Ryan short hair, the wavy shag famous in the ’90s is back. Meg Ryan’s shoulder grazing version today looks just as lovely. If your hair is not naturally wavy, make your straight shag hair into a beachy one with a curling wand. But if you have naturally wavy hair, you should thanks to God.

  1. Messy Mid Length
messy mid length hairstyles » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
messy mid length hairstyles

Messy is sexy babe! A lot of women are beautiful with messy mid length shag. Take a look at Alexa Chung look, she is awesome! If you have bangs on your forehead, it is also a good idea for you because they blend in like one of the many layers. Still unbelieveable? Just make it come true girls!

  1. Flippy Waves
flippy waves hairstyle » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
flippy waves hairstyle

Flippy waves is a great hair style for women. Feminine and lovely are the right words for you. What is the best part of this style? A little effort you can do is changing it up with a quick flip of your part easily just like Julianne Hough. Ariel or other princess Disney can be your examples if you can’t imagine how great it is!

  1. The New Mullet
new mullet haircut » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
new mullet haircut

This time the mullet is not perfectly short up front. Just look at the bangs and some shorter volume boosting layers. Just see Taylor Swift style. She is a sporty woman, so she asked the hair stylist to create a chic contrast with the longer sections. Uuuw, men can’t stand to love her. So how about the women? Don’t be jealous and keep calm to see her style. Go to the saloon and change yourself just like her!

  1. Highlighted Waves
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long wavy highlighted hair » 10 Great Shag Haircuts For Women
long wavy highlighted hair

Again, waves are up in 2018. Take a look Chrissy Teigen’s hair. Highlights are given to her hair. She is more fabulous than before. Yes you can also do it babe! Ask your stylist for a wavy lob with lots of layers as soon as possible. Don’t forget to ask your colorist too for a golden balayage that will bring out the best dimension of those layers.