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Several Ways To Spice Bob Up

long hair blunt bangs » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
long hair blunt bangs

Bob always be the hottest styles for any seasons and doesn’t seem to be out of style anytime. Not only flattering for every face shape, but it is also easy to maintain. The downside is that you are not the only one rocking this popular look. Bob is okay because it is a versatile as your imagination. You can also do most about anything with it. Are you looking for some inspiration to spice up your bob? Just check out these worthy takes for the classic look.

  • Flipped Bob With Blunt Bangs
blunt cut bob with bangs » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
blunt cut bob with bangs

A blunt cut bob will give your look with a mod vibe. The blunt cut bangs with a medium thickness will fall right below your eyebrows. They may need some management, so the length provides you an option of pulling them back or growing them out with ease. This style flipped on the ends like Rihanna’s, this is very chic and gives you a very sleek and sophisticated look.

  • Adding Color
letoya luckett bob haircuts » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
letoya luckett bob haircuts

Adding color or change your hair color is a smart way to do. You can take color cues from celebs like Letoya Luckett to take you from bored to make you feel like you just stepped onto the red carpet.

  • Adding Layers
lob layers haircut » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
lob layers haircut

Layers is a right key to make your bob more spicy. Just like Kerry Washington’s layers, layers can give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

  • Lob with Tousled Waves
lob tousled waves » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
lob tousled waves

Lob or long bob with tousled waves is exciting! Take a look at Naomi Campbell’s tousled waves, her hair become one of this season’s hottest trends. Then you can add texture, also a cool and beachy appeal.

  • Get Sleek
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ayesha curry bob haircut » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
ayesha curry bob haircut

If you don’t really want a defined look, have a  sleek cues just like Ayesha Curry.  This stylel gives a sexy swagger, so you will grab attention not only from hair, but from your eyebrows, eyes, and cheekbones too.

  • Shape Into Textured Bob
textured bob hairstyles » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
textured bob hairstyles

Textured means you give an effect like curls or waves for bob like Tisha Campbell Martin’s. This texture will give  volume and let your playful side shine through the hair.

  • Shape Into Asymmetrical Bob
asymmetrical bob hairstyles » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
asymmetrical bob hairstyles

You can get more daring with an angular cut just like Missy Elliott. This style won’t overpower your face and it will give you an edgier also rocker feel.

  • Fake bangs with a bobby pin
fake bangs hairstyle » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
fake bangs hairstyle

Have you ever thought about fake bangs? Yes this is. Fake fringe without cutting them by parting your hair on the side, then pulling the hair over your forehead and pinning it back with a bobby pink or a dressy barrette. These pins will also double up your cuteness as the hair accessory. Let’s bet that you will be amazing with this style.

  • Make Pinned Curls
pixie pin curls » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
pixie pin curls

Don’t be trapped in the thought that you can not do many things with short hair. This could not be less true because this style create a 20s-inspired look. How is it? Just use the pin curls by starting at your ears and followed around your head. Keep the rest of your hair free by allowing the curls to really pop. After removing the curls in a few hours, you will have a wavy and beachy style to use later.

  • Gorgeous Waves
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gorgeous natural waves » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
gorgeous natural waves

Part your hair into 2 sides and set your hair in 1 ½ with inch rollers while you are getting ready in the morning. They will need to stay in for at least a half hour, then you can make sure to plan your time accordingly. Just keep the style in a place with a flexible and long holding hair spray to be gorgeous because your hair will be volumized.

  • Tousled Waves
long hair with tousled waves » Several Ways To Spice Bob Up
long hair with tousled waves

This style can be the simplest way to update a bob. But you must have the curling wand and heat protectant spray at home. This tousled waves really need this tools. You should curl the hair around your head with a 1-inch curling iron, then run your fingers through your hair to separate the tendrils. Just keep the pieces around your face in a spiral shape by winding them around your finger. Do not wait too long, just finish your work with a spritz of finishing spray or salt spray for even more texture.