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Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today

Half up and high ponytails  that look like they were pulled from the movie Clueless. Remember about that memory? Do you need more proof that ‘90s hairstyles are back today? Just scroll through this article to read and see the most memorable hair trends of the decade. These are the 90’s hair styles today that will always obsess your mind over.

  • The Rachel
the rachel haircut 90s » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
the rachel haircut 90s

Remember about Friends serial television when you see the picture? But even if you didn’t watch Friends, you must know about The Rachel. In fact, most of your friends probably ever had this haircut when they are teenager. This short but still feminine style featuring face framing, angled layers, and lots of body. It was actually one of the defining hairstyles of the 90’s.

  • Crimped Hair
crimped hair 90s » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
crimped hair 90s

Drybar and Bed Head are the brands that recently launched modern versions of this crimping iron. Take a look at Ginie In The Bottle Style of Christina Aguilera’s look. Your walk to work might actually become a center of interest in reality, athough without the hot pink low lights like hers.

  • Cute Flowers On Hair
daisys hairstyle » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
daisy’s hairstyle

The most favorite and ultimate flower in 90’s is daisy. It is obvious that all famous celebrities stuck it in their hair to be more feminine and cute. Drew Barrymore was the example of the trend. She was wearing the flower on either side of her curly bob for many times.

  • Bouncy Curls
bouncy curl hair extensions » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
bouncy curl hair extensions

Bouncy curls was so sexy, so we don’t have to be shocked that, this hairstyle was so hype. Mariah Carey was the real example of this style. Before a permanent beachy wave treatment, some curly effect must be made.

  • High Pigtails
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high pigtails with extensions » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
high pigtails with extensions

This style was really hype especially in teenager hair style. This style remind us about a year long Spice Girls reunion tour. Baby Spice’s high pigtails to regain their popularity and yes a lot of girls imitated their style.

  • Bouncy Blowouts
bouncy blowout hair » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
bouncy blowout hair

Cindy Crawford was the trend setter of ultra shiny and bouncy head of hair before the Internet freaked out over Kate Middleton’s blowouts. Yes, Kate is just repeat the trend and try to make it more hype today.

  • Voluminous Updos
voluminous updos for medium hair » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
voluminous updos for medium hair

This style is just like a queen style because almost all 90’s prom was completed with voluminous updos. This style featured short strands and tendrils purposefully left out around the face. Just try it again to be cute!

  • Skinny Headbands
skinny headbands hairstyle » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
skinny headbands hairstyle

Headbands were a must do style to make the hair become so cute. Britney Spears was the headband princess before anyone even knew and watch Gossip Girl was. The hair shape that used this headbands must be’ a super thin or zigzagged band placed in permed or blown-out hair.

  • Choppy Bob
choppy bob for fine hair » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
choppy bob for fine hair

The choppy bob of Meg Ryan was a center of envious. Millions of women were writing to tell you how much they envied the layered. This short hair was totally the shape that almost all women want especially in summer.

  • Hair Twists
silver hair twists natural hair » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
silver hair twists natural hair

Not only accessorize the updo hair with gemstones, headbands, and face framing strands, many girls made hair twists. Alicia Silverstone’s updo was one of the prove. Take a look at the picture how the twisted knots placed right before the sparkly hair jewels.

  • Micro Braid Curls
micro braid curls » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
micro braid curls

This style was so hits in ’90s because of Moesha, The brandy rocked plenty of hairstyles. Her tiny microbraids were always a quintessential part of her look. A lot of people imitate this style although they have to do hard work for it.

  • Feathered Bangs
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feathered bangs 90s » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
feathered bangs 90s

90’s hair style round up never be complete without some  feathered bangs. Yes bangs were something that should be on the forehead to make women cool. A hairstyle practically synonymous with the decade just like Tiffani Thiessen’s portrayal of Kelly Kapowski on Saved By the Bell.

  • Sexy Pixie
short red pixie cut » Hype 90’s Hair Styles Today
short red pixie cut

Pixie cut was phenomenal because of Halle Berry. She always looks gorgeous no matter what she does with her hair. Has she ever had a cringe worthy moment? That always be a question of many women. We often miss her iconic pixie cut and many women followed her. Spiky and paired with cool also tinted shades, her ’90s look was giving us so many flashbacks.