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Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner

kinky curly layers » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
kinky curly layers

If you have curly hair since you were born and always feel unconfident, don’t be like that! Your hair is so sexy, no one will say your hair is bad because it was so yesterday. A lot of people embrace their natural hair texture to be curly in ordet to be sexy.  Pay attention that it’s important to keep your strands healthy in order to show up their best. Then remember that the right haircut is also a key. Although it is quite hard for a curly girl because there are many consideration. But you can do it if you check out  celebrity haircuts as your inspiration to decide.  Here are some of celebrities hairstyle.

  • For Long Hair
kerry washington kinky curly layers » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
kerry washington kinky curly layers

First, Kinky Curly Layers just like Kerry Washington. These curls always make her so sexy in every dress. The cascade past her shoulders and shorter layers around face, it exactly add a beautiful softness to the look. This hairstyle is a secret weapon to keep this hair full and lush. No one can deny it so just be brave to try this style. Do not forget about volume and texture by using the layers that open up face and added movement to hair.

kerry washington hairstyles » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
kerry washington hairstyles

If you want to be awesome everytime, just serve a good hairstyle because nothing is more fire than this way. Even more, this shape is fitting for someone with looser curls who loves body and a bit of bounce. Back to texture, you may have to reach curling iron to give a little zhoosh with this style. Pay attention to cuts, though you can help to maintain healthy hair by using the right products.  Be careful when it comes to heat styling and make sure to use heat protecting products.

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looser curls natural hair » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
looser curls natural hair
  • Shoulder Length (Medium) Hairstyle
melina matsoukas shoulder length with layered haircut » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
melina matsoukas shoulder length with layered haircut

Put your attention to how full Melina Matsoukas’s curls are. Is she awesome? This shoulder length with layered haircut is a classic. This style provides facial symmetry from all angles by framing or even opening up the face. It also lets you have volume without your hair getting too big. The big shape sometimes make some people uncomfortable. If you want your hair a bit longer, beware of shrinkage. You should consider not cutting off too much because curly hair is tricky or deceptive with the length. You should cut off more than you like to be because hair stretches when it’s wet. So, remember that curly hair should be cut dry.

curly shag haircut » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
curly shag haircut

Curly Shag is another shoulder length hair for curly hair. This cut is about controlled chaos and it’s best for women with a looser curly texture. Rihanna is the real example for this style. People often think using a razor is a big no way with curly hair. If you want to achieve a piecey, shaggy look with fuller towards the roots and wispier at the ends is the best. A razor is the best strategy to avoid letting this style get frizzy. Just skip this look if your hair is super textured as this works better for looser curls. A little tips, use a serum or pomade when hair is damp and let it dry naturally, don’t touch it!

shakira curly shag hairstyles » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
shakira curly shag hairstyles

Short Hairstyle

classic pixie cut » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
classic pixie cut

Classic Pixie Cut just like Halle Berry’s hair is a nice choice for curly hair. Pixie is a feminine short hair cut which works on nearly any texture.  It isn’t as high maintenance as people think. Ask your stylist for a graduated pixie style, if you don’t want a precision cut. It should be longer on top to show off the texture and choppiness. Let it dry naturally and use a frizz control product to give the top separation and shine. Just be sure you want this style before you cut it all off. Be brave to show your short hair because you can’t hide behind it.

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sculpted pixie haircut » Design for Sexy Curly Hair Owner
sculpted pixie haircut

Another type of short hair is Sculpted Pixie Cut. This fierce style comes in so many variations, but it rocks what sets it apart. This tapered cut brings dimension to her face with the short sides and flourishing texture up to the top. This cut is also a good one especially for people in the process of reviving the curls from heat damage. Do not be afraid to snip away layers of transitioning hair.