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Being Out of The Box With These Hair

It is not easy to make out of the box style especially image. You need extra time and efforts to have an out of the box style which is very different from others. If you are succeed with your new style, people will follow you and you become the center of interest. Do you want it? Just try to make a different, although at first you will be totally failed. Or if it is not failed, people will look at you cynically. Without saying any words, but a gaze can tell everything. What kind of weirdo you are? That is a kind of inside statement in their heart. So just take a look at celebrities look and try one of these hairstyle to make you awesome. Here are the best style for being out of the box with these hair.

  • Center Parted Bangs
center parted bangs hairstyles » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
center parted bangs hairstyles

Center parted bangs ever be a ridiculous style, but Brigitte Bardot made this cut become iconic. People change their mind and follow this style. Hell yeah, it becomes hype in many countries. This hair style grab attention and look absolutely glamorous. This style put some major volume into this style for even more personality. You will need to stagger more layers down around the face, so the bangs can blend with the whole hair.

balayage parted bangs » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
balayage parted bangs
  • Wild Curls
wild curls hairstyle » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
wild curls hairstyle

Letting the curls of hair go wild is not a bad thing to do. Laides can’t get over how bold and fun the natural curl looks. This curly haired ladies do not always need many tools and products to switch things up. So au naturel is the original icon which really made it. Cutting for a curly do is a good choice because you just need to have plenty of layers to make the hair lighter and easy to get good volume.  Remember about volume to make it more fabulous.

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julia roberts wild curls » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
julia roberts wild curls
  • Angled Bob
angeled bob haircut » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
angeled bob haircut

Angled bob makes you become an angel and popular. You must be thankful to the way it is stacked in the back and angled in the front towards the face. This bob incredibly flattering on most women. Old ladies become younger and girls are cuter than before. The angled cut gives much works similarly to face framing layers, but on a shorter cut. With or without bangs is up to you! Just make a choice right based on your preferences and the shape of your face. Believe it or not, you will be fabulous.

  • Mid Length with Pretty Waves
mid length with waves effect » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
mid length with waves effect

This cut is very suitable for the woman who have. Wavy effect is easy to make, although you are not naturally wavy. It is laidback, low maintenance, and stylish for every woman. This haircut just like too good to be true. Middle length or keeping the cut right below the shoulders is ideal for ultimate waves and body. Throw some layers in to make it amazing! A woman will be so feminine and adorable with this style. Girly effect is the main purpose of this style.

  • French Bob
french bob haircut » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
french bob haircut

This bob is a deviation from the classic bob gives European. This is well know in French so the name is French Bob. A mussed effortlessness  makes you the point of interest in any room and solidifying it as a classic cut by any standard. This lovely bob often accompanied with short bangs. This is mostly about looking unkempt and put together at the same time. Rambling around the Louvre to attend a luxurious party. The good news is this style works for all face shape.

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french bob 2018 » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
french bob 2018
  • Bold Pixie
bold pixie haircut » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
bold pixie haircut

Pixie especially when it is bold tousled cut exudes confidence. A little sassiness for the bold woman can be made. Energic and active are the right words to describe women with this style. Not tomboy, but strong is the side effect for them. The stacked volume gives energy and life to this short style, then it is that is why you will be energic. Just take it easy, you can do everything and go everywhere you want with this pixie hair. Instant and easy to manage, so you do not need much time to be fabulous. Just brush your hair with hair and everything will be okay.

bold pixie hairstyles » Being Out of The Box With These Hair
bold pixie hairstyles