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Five Long Hairstyles for Various Occasions

The versatility of styles for people with longer hair can be quite baffling sometimes. Of course, the longer your hair is, the more effort that you need to put to style it. However, the result is usually amazing. You can hardly go wrong with such type of style. Here are some long hairstyles that you might derive inspirations from for your next styling.

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Gorgeous Long Hairstyles to Try Out

  1. Elegant loose curl

This is the type of hairstyle that you should try in order to be taken more seriously by other people. You can arrange your hair into loose curls that frame your round face. The curls are basically centralized at the lower part of your hair. This style is particularly perfect for people who do not have that much of hair. It creates balanced volume. It would be better if you dye your hair in more somber color like brunette since it makes hair more voluminous.

  1. Sleek straight hair

One of the most favorite long hairstyles at current time is definitely the sleek straight one. This hairstyle is highly popularized by many public figures like actors and models. It has somewhat fierce vibe without looking like you are putting in too much effort. Not a single strand is let loose when you are styling your hair to this style. You may not wear makeup and the effect would still the same. To enhance the dramatic flair, you should part your hair in the middle.

  1. Large waves with ombre

Beachy long hairstyles are still the crowds’ favorite even after all this year. It has a nice laid back vibe to it. The style creates large volume to your hair, which is great for someone who does not own thick hair or whose face roundness is prominent. You will look great when showing up with beach tan skin and this hairstyle. In order to make the hairstyle looking lighter, you should add ombre effect to your hair. Light brown or blonde is preferable than more eccentric color like blue or purple. Depending on your facial structure, you can opt to add bangs or not.

  1. Natural Afro hair
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Many women with natural Afro hair are worried about styling their hair. Some of them opt to keep it shorts, while others may try different options such as wearing wig or straightening the tight curls. You will actually get a fun time trying to grow out your natural Afro curls. This is one of long hairstyles currently “in” nowadays. In order to create nice effect to your hair, you should try to color the end of your strands in brighter color to make your curls looking lighter.

  1. Classic and regal ponytail

You may attend an event that requires you to dress up but you just cannot be bothered with styling your hair. If so, you may want to try out this ponytail. It is a way out for people with straight and long hairstyles to get convenient without looking like a slob at formal events. You can arrange your hair in twisted ponytail right at the back of your head. Let some strands of your hair loose to make it look like you are not trying hard. It is a classic look that will be completed with bold red lipstick.