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Trending Lob Hairstyles That Are Stylish And Easy to Copy

Lob hairstyles are the haircuts with the length anywhere between the chin and collarbone. The cuts are getting more and more popularity due to the amount of celebrities that wear them. The reason why they are getting the well-deserved exposure is because the hairstyle fits any hair type and any face shape. Thin hair can look thicker if the hair is cut and styled accordingly. It also fits various hairstyling options, such as textured beach curls to the sleek perfect straight. You can still create braids or updos with this length of hair. If you are convinced already to cut or grow your hair to this length, check these lob or long bob haircut styles below.

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Four Lob Hairstyles Inspirations for You to Try

  1. Flat iron straight style

The straight lob hairstyles are popular within professional career woman who wants to look both stylish and practical. There are two options when it comes to straight long bob: either style it super sleek or make it curved at the end. To get the look, put nourishing hair crème or hair mask to add shine, then rinse and dry with hairdryer in downward movement. Tame any frizz on your hair by applying hair serum or hair oil in the appropriate amount.

  1. Wavy long bob style

To look as effortless as possible, you can wear this hairstyle in relaxed wavy texture looks. It looks both modern and laidback. The “undone” style is even worn by many celebrities to the formal events such as red carper. Achieve this tousled-like look by braiding your hair in huge knots for couple of hours, then instead of using comb, just run your hair through it. Put a little bit of styling product at the end of the hair strains.

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  1. Shaggy long bob

The universally flattering haircut that makes its way to be the major trend is the shaggy lob hairstyles. It can be easily identified by the layers and sometimes the see-through bangs. The layered cut matches any length of haircuts, but especially the long bob. The medium length adds texture and movement. The fact that is suits so many types of hair and shape of face is a big bonus. The shag fits with the confident and cool women that live with the urban lifestyles.

  1. Lob with bangs

There are various types of bangs that suit well with the lob hairstyles. The newest trend is to wear the lob with choppy, thin, stylist bangs. The feeling or look that this haircut gives are determined by the way you style it. To achieve softer, feminine, and lovely looks, opt for side bangs. The curtain bangs may be chosen by those who have delicate features. It flatters the face instead of the heavy full fringe.

The lob hairstyles might be the ideal choices to go when you want different cuts without having it too short. The long bob looks elegant, modern, without needing high maintenance. You are also able to experiment different styling options with it, as the style matches with almost any hair texture.