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Layered Hairstyles to Make You Look Fresher and Prettier

Women love to look pretty. One of the ways to look more attractive is by giving more attention to the hair. It is said the hair is like the crown of women. Once they have their great haircut, they are like queen or princess with the attractive and glamorous crown. It makes her beauty multiplied. That’s why women love to look for the best hairstyle and sometimes to keep changing the hairstyle due to the boredom or finding the most suitable and latest style. If you are now looking for good hairstyles, you may consider layered hairstyles. These can make you look fresher and prettier.

Some Options of Layered Hairstyles

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Instead of using the plain haircuts, having some layers can make the hairstyle look attractive. Although these are only layers, adding these on simple haircut will bring massive difference. That is why it is great to find some good references of the layered hairstyles to refresh your appearance.

  1. The lob layered hairstyle

The lob haircut is not new model of haircut. However, it looks great once it is combined with the layer. The haircut will give nice texture for the hair. Moreover, the body of the hair seems to have more volume and it is good trick to use. In order to make it much better, it can be combined with the curling wand. By having some twists and or light waves, it will no longer become ordinary haircut anymore.

  1. Ash-blond layered hairstyle

This is actually based on the common haircut. IF you love to keep your hair long, you can add some layers. Specifically, it is should be the face-framing layer. Having some layers is great around the face, so it can give better looks on your face. Then, it will be perfect when you give the ash-blonde color. This is not kind of color that will make your hair look so colorful. The neutral tone looks great and it makes your look cute and calm.

  1. Bob layered hairstyle
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Bob haircut becomes popular options for those who want to have shorter haircut. In fact, it may also become one of the good choices of layered hairstyles.  When regular bob haircut looks simple, it can be more attractive by adding layers. When the layers are well-placed, it will create very attractive effects since it will make the hair look more sophisticated. The hair will look fuller, as if it has more volumes. It may also be combined by using some twists to show the better shapes of layers. However, it may need good conditioner to make the hair stay hydrated properly, so it looks prettier.

  1. Side-swept layered hairstyle

The next option of layered hairstyles is from the side-swept hairstyle. Common side-swept style is already good enough, but it has less attractive points. When it is added by some layers, it will be more astonishing. The haircut can give the lighter look and it makes you fresher and younger. Of course, it will be perfect by applying hair spray, so it is possible to keep the style and show the layers.

Having some layers actually can give big changes on common haircuts. Based on some reference above, mostly they are made and styled from common haircut, such as bob and lob hairstyle. However, the layers make things prettier and that’s why it is worth to try. When you want to look fresher and more attractive, layered hairstyles can be your solution.