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Korean Hairstyles to Upgrade Your Attractive Look

Nowadays, there are many lifestyles followed by people. One of them is the lifestyles of Korean artists and actors. Usually, these are also called as K-Pop style. The styles are not only in term of outfits. Nowadays, hairstyles also become the trademarks and many people follow their haircut. When you are also now looking for ideas of new haircut, you can try Korean hairstyles. This will not make you regretted since mostly the haircuts look great and there are many options to pick.

The Most Popular Korean Hairstyles

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When talking about Korean hairstyles, there are many options. These are not only for women, but men hairstyles are quite popular as well. Even, in term of variations, men haircuts have more options. That’s why it is great to make Korean haircut as reference.

  1. Two-block haircut

The first one is the two-block haircut. This already becomes the trends since 2018 and it still continues until now. Actually, it is quite simple and it is basically like an undercut. The two-block refers to the lower back and sides of the head. The hair in these areas will be cut short and even people make them shaved. Then, it leaves the upper part or the crown hair long. This creates layers and it still can be combined to show better layering.

  1. Short and sleek

This will be perfect choice for those who love the formal and tidy look. This hairstyle is actually quite simple, but it is perfect to show the formal and mature look. In this case, it is actually a side-combed hairstyle. However, the sides are cut short and it leaves thicker and longer on the upper parts. The hardest part of this hairstyle is to create the fringe or bangs. However, it can be solved by applying the waxing gel to keep the hair. This also becomes one of the popular Korean hairstyles.

  1. Dandy Medium Fringe-Up
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The word “dandy” in the Korean hairstyles refers to someone who wants to look good in his appearance. In this case, the haircut is actually short, especially on the sides and backs. It is similar to the two-block haircut. However, the crown hair is cut specifically to create more volumes and it is important to get the texture. Then, there is fringe or bangs and these are lifted. It can be done by using wax.

  1. Mid-length hair with soft layer

For those who do not like the short haircut, this mid-length haircut is good to choose. This does not only popular in South Korea, but Japanese men also have this kind of haircut. Basically, it is like common mid-length with the sided fringes or bangs. However, it has added layers on the side parts, especially area around the ears. The layers are made soft, so it is not fully visible.

Those are some of common haircuts to try. Mostly, Korean men love these haircuts. In order to make goods, some of them also dye their hair. Many variations of colors are picked, starting from blond to ombre styles. In this case, you can try to pick one of them. There are options of short and medium-length haircut. Mostly, the haircut is actually simple, but it may require wax to keep the style. Therefore, Korean hairstyles can last and show the nice appearance.