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Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle

A triangular face shape needs haircuts or hair styles that will manipulate the bottom heavy appearance of its shape. How to identify you have a triangular face shape or not? Just pay attention to these characteristics, if you have some of them or even you have it all so you are a triangular face. First, the face is longer than the width. Second, the jawline is wider than forehead. Third, chin is square and or flat in shape. Fourth, the jawline is strong and wide. Fifth. the cheekbones are straight and taper from jaw to forehead. Sixth, forehead is narrow just like a triangle with small spot on the top. Seventh. the widest part of the face is at jawline.

triangular face shape haircuts » Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle
triangular face shape haircuts

Hairstyles to try for triangular faces are layered because this style will balance and soften the prominent jaw line. Styles with layers can taper at the jaw line, but this ones can also be flattering. So how about the hairstyles that must be avoided? First, shorter is usually better than longer. Second, avoid any hairstyle that will grab too much attention to chin area such as straight solid bob. Here are more explanation for right and wrong hairstyles for triangular face shape.

triangular faces hairstyle » Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle
triangular faces hairstyle
  • The Right Short Hairstyle
triangular bob haircuts » Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle
triangular bob haircuts

If you want to have a short hair, so you have to cut with layered hairstyle. This is perfect in the way how it puts hair exactly where it is needed to make a triangular face shape. This style will be balanced and proportional. A heavy top layers on short hair will allow hair to be rounder and fuller above. No bangs is the best of because it makes the face shape appear longer, so the  attention will focus to forehead and away from the jaw line.

  • The Right Medium Hairstyle
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medium hairstyle for triangular face » Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle
medium hairstyle for triangular face

A very nice medium hairstyle for triangular face shape should suits to a tee. The sides must fall softly onto and away from the jaw line by creating cover in the right places. The side shape with swept bangs is perfect to create diagonal direction to the eyes. This zig zag part creates some height and builds length into the look because all over rounded shape frames the face nicely.

triangular curly haircut » Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle
triangular curly haircut
  • The Right Long Hairstyle
long triangular haircut » Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle
long triangular haircut

If you want to be more feminine, long soft wavy hairstyle is perfect. This style looks nice and great as an example of how to design a hairstyle which is suitable with triangular face shapes. The soft waves have a natural soft appearance because of the layering. The middle part of the hairs also helps to divide the face into two long narrow portions so the illusion of length is created. Long hair will work in straight and curly textures. Just try it girls!

long triangular layers » Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle
long triangular layers

But you have to pay attention in choosing bangs because your choice will give your triangular face shape a much more flattering look. Then you should give focus to the other features of your face such as your eyes. Be sure to keep these types of bangs in mind when looking for the right bangs for you. For the cheekbones, you should use a light colored blusher and take the color to your hairline to narrow down your face. Make up your face really nicely on lips and nose. Use one tone darker blush shade than the foundation to blend a triangle shape from under cheekbone to the points of the jaw. Use a dark color lipstick to manipulate your face shape from the mouth to chin.

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flattering hairstyles » Triangular Needs Three Basic Hairstyle
flattering hairstyles

The most important rule for choosing a hairstyle is comfortable. Whenever and wherever you are, you have to feel comfortable, say no to clumsy. Remember that you are special no matter what your face shape is. Do not ever worry about what people say or opinion about you. Just stay who you are. Doing an experiment for a new look is okay. Do not just follow the trend but then it is not suit you. It is better to stay on your style for a long time but you feel happy with it because you always be gorgeus than trying something new which is not so you. Happy trying good people!