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Trending Ideas 2018: Opal Hair Color

Now we are facing 2018 year, but do you know what kind of trending hair color in this year? If you still don’t know, just check out your Instagram. What trending ideas in 2018 for hair? Yes, opal hair is really hype in the world. Thankfully this hair color trend is not only completely gorgeous, but totally wearable in real life. But you should make sure that you are confident enough to change your hair color. The color is so pretty as the result of a milky mixture of metallic pink and sherbet orange. It is almost like a melted creamsicle or a puff of candyfloss, isn’t it? Softer and delicate colours will dominate 2018 hair trends.

hot to make opal hair color » Trending Ideas 2018: Opal Hair Color
hot to make opal hair color

This hair color become trending because at first, Lowenstein created the soft, opalescent trend with his wife, Melody in their Washington based salon. How did he make it? First, he was lightening the hair to platinum blonde by using a mix of violet based toners for a pastel finish. Because the colour is so light and sheer, it eventually just faded to blonde. A good news is making this look insanely easy to maintain because there are nothing to maintain. If you are trying to make an experiment with opal hair at home, please make sure you find a seriously excellent colourist. First, check out Instagram for proof of work and have a consultation before going in for the dye. After that? You should take a zillion instagram picturess because this look is everything.

This unconventional  hair color trends are still going strong in 2018 especially with a bit of a twist. The vibrant bold hues of 2017’s is unicorn hair frenzy. This hair is swapped out for more subtle and softer pastel looks. It lacks in brightness, so hair stylists made up for in dreaminess. Maybe you have already seen pink cloud hair, ghosted hair, and Hollywood opal hair are just a few of the dye jobs using color combinations. Those hair style are part of the thriving trend. Take a look at opalescent hair which mixes iridescent pinks, purples, greens, and blues on a pearly platinum base. How is it? Yes, the colors come out as stunning as they look on any kind of precious stone or crystal. Pay attention to the prettiest opal inspired colored looks on Instagram and get inspired for your new look today. Here are some style to copy.

  • Stone Cold
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stone cold middle hair » Trending Ideas 2018: Opal Hair Color
stone cold middle hair

This holographic look using metallic shades of blue and purple a top a pearly blonde base by Heidi Davidson. As the owner of the Cincinnati based Black Cat Salon, she created Kaleidoscope Dreams. This stone cold is so amazing and grabbing people attention. This opal hair look named Rainbow Rive, but Instagram users refer to call it as kaleidoscope hair. So, which one do you agree?

  • Mermaid Waves
mermaid waves long hair » Trending Ideas 2018: Opal Hair Color
mermaid waves long hair

This gorgeous take on finger waves style make people obsess. This style has some touches of color such as purple and blue that add some depth to this holographic hair. Are you interested to try this?

  • Ghosted Gray
ghosted gray hair color » Trending Ideas 2018: Opal Hair Color
ghosted gray hair color

This ghosted gray is inspirited by Kansas City colorist Sarai Speer. She is a key player in the ghost hair trend with her looks like a combination of metallic, iridescent shades, and the illusion of various hues depending on where light hits the hair. All those tone make this hair style just like a ghost.

  • Pretty Pastels
pretty pastels hairstyle » Trending Ideas 2018: Opal Hair Color
pretty pastels hairstyle

Just see this sweet and cute hair style make us happy. How about trying it? Everyday will be so amazing with this style. Just take a look at Pulp Riot colorist Kelly O’Lear Woodford who used a blonde base and a mixture of pastel yellows, pinks, and greens. Her hair really create her version of opalescent hair. Agree? If yes, so just try it as soon as possible!

  • Holographic Opal
holographic opal hair color » Trending Ideas 2018: Opal Hair Color
holographic opal hair color

If you are confused what kind of style it is, just take a look at Kansas based colorist Ursula Goff. She used a combination of metallic Redken shades with a faded pastel base to create this multidimensional look. So how does she look? She is so gorgeous whenever and wherever she goes. Being the center of interest is her daily case. Voila!

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