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The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018

2018 haristyle trends are based on popular looks which are gaining the traction. European hair trends are spreading their way to North America, voila the styles are trending online nowadays. Short hair cuts and styles were made to enhance texture which has been big in 2017 that keep going strong this year. In fact, the texture is being added to all kinds of haircuts and styles. The taper haircuts keep getting more popular for short, longer, and curly hair today. Along those lines, we are looking more medium length hair in all kinds of styles.

The longer hair means more styling choice. On the other hand, pompadour inspired styles are huge because they are easy to style and the look is great. On the side of the spectrum, messy looks are back in a big way. For a totally unexpected look, you need to check out the newest men’s haircuts with neckline hair designs. Choose the best trend for you that depends on hair type, face shape, styling time and the ability. Find your favorites and tell your barber about how to make it for you. But you should find pictures of guys with a similar hair type in terms of thickness and texture. Here are the predictions for the upcoming men’s hairstyles in 2018.

  • Textured Crop
mens crop top » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
mens crop top

This textured crop is a fresh and modern look that works for most hair types. It can lighten up the thick hair, bulk up fine or thin hair, and being a natural fit for men with wavy or curly hair. Just like women, the wavy or curly men are sexy.

  • Crop & Fringe
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crop haircut » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
crop haircut

This textured crop can be short or longer fringe cut blunt or worn to one side only. This version is the latter on both counts with angled bangs halfway down the forehead. The men with this look will be undeniable.

  • Messy Short Crop
messy hairstyles men » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
messy hairstyles men

This crop cut and style works for men with fine or thinner hair or even a receding hairline. Thin hair is not always bad, because you can style it with layering, texture, and messy styling which add so much fullness to the all over look.

  • Short Haircut for Curly Hair
short haircuts for curly hair » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
short haircuts for curly hair

The textured crop is always attractive and easy to style for men who have wavy or curly hair. This version with a high fade leaves plenty of wave on top while keeping the sides and the back maintenance is free. Be sure to have it!

  • Wavy Crop
popular hairstyles for men » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
popular hairstyles for men

This wavy crop is longer and has all of that signature wave, texture, and bangs. You need to make it amazing by giving a little messy effect.

  • Side Part Hairstyle
side part hairstyle » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
side part hairstyle

This side part or taper haircut trend is a reaction to the popularity of the fade. Why? Because fades aren’t out yet, but if you try this classic scissor cut style, yes you got it!

  • Red Hair Color & Taper
semi permanent hair color » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
semi permanent hair color

Again, the taper haircuts are styled into a slick style with side part. The other options include short spikes, curls, or this side swept look. It is a great men’s hairstyle with or without bold color. Do you want it?

  • Taper Haircut for Curly Hair
taper fade haircut » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
taper fade haircut

This taper style also works for curly or wavy hair and is no more work to style than a fade. Yes indeed this style will never be out of date.

  • Taper & Neck Fade
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faded beard styles » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
faded beard styles

Sean Davies is the real example of taper haircuts. This cut also work well for wavy hair. The addition of length makes styling easier and wave adds attractive texture.

  • Short Taper Haircut
short taper haircut » The Most Wanted Men’s Hairstyles in 2018
short taper haircut

Taper cuts can be made shorter end of medium length. This version also features a quick fade at the neckline for an ultra clean cut finish. You will be absolutely awesome!

Men need to style the hair, not only women. Short hair for men doesn’t mean no style added. The short cut can be modified to be fabulous. Sexy and handsome men will always be lovely. The spouse who has a cool man beside her everyday will feel much happier if the man is handsome. Make a brand new style is needed!