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Popular Hair Style in 2018

round pixie haircut » Popular Hair Style in 2018
round pixie haircut

A good news for women who have curly or wavy hair because this year (2018) is your year. Why? Yeah because curly and wavy hair is the hits hair style in 2018. What kind of curly or wavy hair? A shoulder length hair with soft and wavy hair with highlight color one level up from the original color. Not only sexy, you will be younger and attractive with this style. But be careful for Asian women who has black color hair with brown skin because brown is the suitable one except you are so confident then light color like blonde can be tried.

  • Bangs is The Hype
feathery bangs hairstyle » Popular Hair Style in 2018
feathery bangs hairstyle
wavy bangs hairstyle » Popular Hair Style in 2018
wavy bangs hairstyle

If you want to be cute, bangs hair is the coolest one. Feathery Bangs is the right one for wavy or curly hair, not only in Korea, there are a lot of hollywood celebrities have this style. Can you imagine how cute you are with your thick and wavy hair then feathery bangs on it! Feathery bangs is so light and only some hair style on forehead. Just ask the hairstylist to cut this kind of bang then it will be yours. But baby bangs that really short clip on forehead is also hype. But this style is only for women who are really confident with any kinds of style. Baby bangs will make you so cute and younger than your real age.

  • Bob Bob Baby
bob baby bangs hairstyle » Popular Hair Style in 2018
bob baby bangs hairstyle
brown bob bangs » Popular Hair Style in 2018
brown bob bangs

Do not be sad for the ones who have slight or thin hair because if you want to have more volume for your hair just make it bob shape. This style is so hype this year. If you do not like bangs, it is okay only bob with side clip. You will be fabulous with it! What a good news for bob, it is suitable for any kinds of face shape. Oval, round, heart, square is really fit with bob. Again the ones who have oval or heart face are so lucky because they are suitable for any kinds of hair style.

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baby bangs hairstyle » Popular Hair Style in 2018
baby bangs hairstyle

Do you like short hair because the hot weather? It is the right one for bob. Edgy and chic is the right words to describe this style especially with light brown color. Yeah it is very suitable for the ones who have white skin color but if you are so confident it is okay to apply this style though your skin is brown. This brown bob is so hype in Korea so why don’t you try it?

  • Copper For Oval
copper hairstyles » Popular Hair Style in 2018
copper hairstyles

The newest style for oval or heart shape is copper. This copper style is so suitable for career and active women. Every women with this style will be so casual and fresh. Copper hair is a broad term for any variations of hair color. But again, about hair coloration is depends on your confidence. There are fiery copper, soft strawberry, and deep ginger to a copper penny. Copper hair will steal attention and turn heads in everywhere! The right combo will brighten your skin and give life to your tresses, so don’t be wrong!

  • Pixie For Round
long pixie haircuts » Popular Hair Style in 2018
long pixie haircuts
short pixie haircuts » Popular Hair Style in 2018
short pixie haircuts

Pixie model is very suitable for the round face. Cut your hair so short just like men will make your day. Just say goodbye to hot weather. You will be fresh all day. To make you more playfull, don’t forget about the bangs. Bangs will cover your chubby cheeks so your face will be looked just like oval. Cute is the only word for you. Don’t worry to show the brand new you if you never have this short hair!

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celebrities pixie haircut » Popular Hair Style in 2018
celebrities pixie haircut

A pixie haircut is so great for women because tt’s convenient, pretty and appropriate for any type of hair. For thick hair, full of texture and manageable volume is suitable for pixie. Short or long pixie haircuts with bangs are the most popular short hair style today. But short pixie haircuts is more trendy to refresh your look this days!

So do not be hesitate to try these new haircut. Just show to everyone that you can be whatever you want! Don’t ever think about people’s opinion if you feel comfortable with your choice. You are the one who knows what is best for you!