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Never Look Old With Bangs

shagadelic shag fringe bangs » Never Look Old With Bangs
shagadelic shag fringe bangs

Every woman wants to be looked beautiful and fresh. No one wants to be old if we can ask to God. But unfortunately, every human will be old year by year. That is why for women, there are always things to do to make them interested, no matter how old they are. One thing that can make women do is having a hairstyle. So how to make hair become so fabulous? Having bangs for the hair is the most brilliant idea to make women younger. They will be looked fresh and cute with bangs. No one can predict how old someone with bangs.

Fringe bangs is the best way to make a woman more interested. Cutting a fringe is also the best way to have a change on the appearance without a total hairstyle makeover. A good side from cutting fringe is this hairstyle can be done by ourselves without going to a salon. But be careful when we cut the bangs by ourselves because it is so tricky. The fringe can be easily very short and blunt so it is not as good as our wants. The only thing that we can do is by cutting it slowly with more patient. Yes it spends more time but this effort never betrays. Voila, the shape of your bang will be awesome!

You have to pay attention more about the shape of the bangs. A long fringe bang works especially for the ones who have longer faces so the forehead is larger. For the ones who have circle or square faces so the forehead is not large, the best shape is a short fringe bang. A right shape of bang will bring so much advantage because the appearance will be fabulous. But there are more specific tips for every detail shape of the bangs.

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For square face, cut the hair to be bangs exactly under the eyebrow with the longer fringe type because this kind of cut will make a frame on the face and give smooth effect for this strict jaw shape. For oval face, you must thank to God because this type of face can have any kind of bangs and follow the trend. For the round face, the side bang is the right one but the front bang can be fit if the shape is layering just like a ladder. For the heart shape, the right shape of bang is the front and the side bangs because this type of face quite similar with oval. By the way, do you know how many types of bangs? If you still do not know how many type of hair bangs, here are 10 type of hair bangs that usually applied by the Hollywood stars.

modern shag bangs » Never Look Old With Bangs
modern shag bangs
modern grunge fringe hairstyles » Never Look Old With Bangs
modern grunge fringe hairstyles
modern edgy shag hairstyles » Never Look Old With Bangs
modern edgy shag hairstyles
long shag hairstyles » Never Look Old With Bangs
long shag hairstyles

First, baby doll bangs that looks classic with the bangs that cover all part of the forehead, but do not worry because this type will not make you look like a little girl, you will be so natural. Second, Silky Blowout Bangs make women who have this will be looked younger and cute, this type is much more suitable for the women who have shoulder length hair. Third, long & tungsled with swept bangs will make the women younger and sexy because it is so attractive especially for hangover curly hair at the bottom hair. Fourth, sexy full fringe express the playfull and easy going character. Fifth, side bangs with texture is really suitable for the messy hair or the women that do not really pay attention to the neat of hair. Sixth, bangs with natural ways is also playfull and very suitable for wavy hair at the bottom. Seventh, way side swept just like Taylor Swift is really suitable for a creative person that really likes to improve more.

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heavy fringe » Never Look Old With Bangs
heavy fringe
french fringe bangs » Never Look Old With Bangs
french fringe bangs
edgy bob fringe bangs » Never Look Old With Bangs
edgy bob fringe bangs
colorful blunt fringe » Never Look Old With Bangs
colorful blunt fringe
classically long fringe bangs » Never Look Old With Bangs
classically long fringe bangs

After reading this article, you can be a brand new one by having a bangs. Do not ever worry or afraid that you can not have bangs after reading many tips from this article. Let your friends, family, and relatives feel so amazed because your new look with bangs. If you are a shy girl or someone who seldom change your look, it is the right time for you to be changed. But do not forget to be yourself girls!