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Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays

Hair rage to into style and fade out to be a different version year by year. The things you must do to start a brand new life is having a new haircut or style. But do you know that having a new haircut does not always have to be a hot and hype model? Yes, it is true that everyone could do makeover for the hair by having an old style that we know as vintage. One thing for sure is we can count on all styles to change and come back again a few time years later. Are you curious to know? Here are hot vintage hairstyles nowadays.

hot vintage hairstyles » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
hot vintage hairstyles
  • Shine Wavy Vintage
shine wavy vintage hairdo » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
shine wavy vintage hairdo

Glam life can be achieved by having this shine wavy vintage. What kind of style is it? This remarkable vintage style is wavy bob. The textured is smooth and shiny because of the waves will surely make everyone fall in love with your look. Again, wavy is so hype right now. Be sexy just like Marylin Monroe with this style. Bob bob baby that never out of date is a perfect combination with wavy hairstyle.

  • Pin Up Splendid
pin up hairstyle » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
pin up hairstyle

A nice princess style is a splendid pin up that give effect to the vintage 40’s fashion. Pin up style just like a ladder can be made by using lots of hairspray and pins so you can achieve this staircase to perfection. Just like a stair to heaven, you have to do some hard works to make this awesome look come true. By the way, talking about the staircase, this one is a wavy style too. If you want to make it more fabulous, just dye your hair into red, yellow, light brown or any other extraordinary color.

  • Elegant Vintage
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elegant vintage style » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
elegant vintage style

Elegant is a right word for this style because this is a perfectly tamed side wept mane. This outlook become more shining with a charming twist that takes lots of skills to achieve. The waves and twists frame can brighten your face. Beautiful is the only word to describe if you have this lovely hairstyle. Again, the obvious characteristic of vintage is wave. And this wavy hair style become popular again in 2018.

  • Blessing Soft Curls
soft curls hairdo » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
soft curls hairdo

Rosy curls or soft curls is so cute as a vintage style. This is a definite stand out on any event that you will go to! You will be sure to inspire everyone with this super lovable retro look. Soft curls will be more awesome with long hair. If you have naturally curly hair, just thanks to God that you are blessed. You just need to make a little manage to make this rosy curls undeniable.

  • Faux Bob
faux bob hairstyles » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
faux bob hairstyles

Again, bob is the other main characteristic of vintage. This faux bob is a combination of bob and waves so this is it the vintage image is yours. The waves will frame the face with smooth details. This awesome look is back and popular again because of lovely vintage culture by Dita Von Teese.

dita von teese vintage hairstyles » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
dita von teese vintage hairstyles
  • Vintage with Modern Twist
long vintage with modern twist » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
long vintage with modern twist

Do you know how old this style? It is inspired by 1940’s vintage hair style, but it is combined with modern twist. This style requires a basic of hair styling. What do you need to make this style? Roller sets, wet sets, pin curls, smoothing brushes, and backcombing. Well those tools is no longer used today but you have to prepare all those tools to make this style come true. Are you ready?

  • Old and Glam Holywood Style
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glam holywood style » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
glam holywood style

Glam is the right word to describe this holywood style. The bang area is a lovely part of this style. Many different approaches can be taken to achieve this look. What to do to make this hair style? You need to struggle with mousse and or a light gel prior to roll. After the hair is dried by hairdyer or dry by itself, you need to brush it out with a boar bristle paddle brush. Hot rollers will also work to achieve this style.

perfect vintage hairstyles » Hot Vintage Hairstyles Nowadays
perfect vintage hairstyles

The main thing to do with this vintage style is the using of generous spray and more texture spray. The tools to make the style is paddle brush to brush out the curls until the curls resemble to smooth waves. Just try it!