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Hairstyle for Tricky But Lovely Diamond Shape

diamond face hairstyles » Hairstyle for Tricky But Lovely Diamond Shape
diamond face hairstyles

A diamond face shape has these characteristics such as face is longer than it is wider, forehead and jawline are a similar width in appearance (balance), chin is noticeably pointed, jawline is long, narrow, and tapers into a point, cheeks are high and pointed,  forehead and chin are narrow, and face is widest at your cheekbones. Pay attention to hairline that is the telltale sign of this face shape and it is the narrowest of the other seven types. Diamond face shapes have to balance a narrow chin, wider cheek bones should be minimized, and the overall length should be shortened. A diamond face shape is unique so it needs haircuts, styles, and makeup that bring out the best in the narrow and full features to combine this uniqueness.

  • The Right Hairstyle
haircuts for diamond face shape » Hairstyle for Tricky But Lovely Diamond Shape
haircuts for diamond face shape

This stunning face shape that similar to the shape of the gem as its named diamond is quite tricky. A diamond face shape can be flattered just like oval and the color of hair should be highlighted with right makeup choices. The main hairstyles to try are hairstyles that add width on chin area such as chin length bob or shoulder length wispy kicked out looks, styles that tuck behind the ears are great to show off a lovely cheek bone structure, and hairstyles with straight across bangs are also great to shorten long faces as the side parts. Remember that bangs help to shorten the length of face. The side part helps the face appear wider by creating illusion of larger shape with eyes focus on. The sides should be soft, wispy, and curve so it will similar with a round shape.

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diamond face shapes hairstyle » Hairstyle for Tricky But Lovely Diamond Shape
diamond face shapes hairstyle
  • The Bad Hairstyle

Be careful with the hairstyles to avoid are short hairstyles with height on top particularly ones without bangs because bangs are important, styles with no hair on the neck or the chin area, middle parts will add length so they should also be avoided. Short hairstyle is so wrong for diamond face shapes because the height created on top (particularly in a middle pointed way) so it only emphasizes a diamond shape. The short bangs are also bad because it just add the illusion of height. That is why diamond shape face is tricky but lovely.

  • Short Hair For Diamond
short layered Hair for diamond » Hairstyle for Tricky But Lovely Diamond Shape
short layered Hair for diamond

A nice cut is the cutting which adds hair in all the right places. The bangs as the sweetener can make the face and chin area appear less long if the wispy hair to the shoulders change into a squarer shape. This hairstyle is great for all textures that look great with layers because it makes the style even softer. Pay attention that the wispy long lengths only make this shape face look longer especially without bangs.

short pixie haircuts for diamond faces » Hairstyle for Tricky But Lovely Diamond Shape
short pixie haircuts for diamond faces
  • The Right Long Hairstyle
soft layered pink haircuts » Hairstyle for Tricky But Lovely Diamond Shape
soft layered pink haircuts

A nice look by long hair is with the bangs because it shorten the overall length of the face while the soft layered sides fall lovely to the shoulders. What is the effect? It draws attention away from long lines. This shape work equally too on wavy and curly textures. Just try the straight long hair, curly, or wavy because they are all awesome for this type!

Focus Points

You need to focus on these things to have a fabulous appearance:

  • The cheekbones should be cover by making sure the hair near your cheeks is flat and no volume. Your forehead and jawline should seem a tad wider than they are.
  • Don’t add the height to the hair on top because it makes your face look longer than it is. You should add a slight puff to the hair on top of your head, but the bangs to cover your forehead should be made layered and quite long.
  • Increase the volume to the hair under the jawline to make it seem less pointed.
  • Again, the cheekbones are the fullest part of a diamond face, so you have to flaunt it then it will be wonderful. Show off your cheekbone structure is a must by using hairstyles that tuck in behind the ears.
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Choosing a hairstyle is tricky for diamond face shape because it is quite unique but lovely. If you choose the right one, you will be awesome all the time. Get ready girls!