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Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face

Heart shaped faces sometimes look similar with oval face but these are wider at the brow and narrower at the chin. This shape typically adds up to killer cheekbones. Here are the hints for the genetically blessed people. You have to make people stay away from a pointy chin.

  • Long Piecey Bangs
long piecey bangs » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
long piecey bangs

The side swept bangs make your focus away from a pointy chin. There’s a sexiness and flirtiness about long piece bangs. Tell your stylist to trim bangs vertically, do not make it straight across. Don’t take your hair too short because you’ll look a little school girl. But in 2018, baby bangs like a little girl is hype. So it is up to you!

blonde long piecey bangs » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
blonde long piecey bangs
  • Deep Side Part
deep side part hairstyles » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
deep side part hairstyles
deep side for face shape » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
deep side for face shape

A deep side part emphasize the cheekbones and opens her face up. The face shape become nice just like oval.  You can use a flexible hold hair spray to make your strands look  so sexy. Lovable face is your own with this style. So, don’t forget to smile to many people. Just see what will happen next?

  • Loose Waves
braided loose waves » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
braided loose waves

Loose waves with shoulder length styles can be so chic. This cut is youthful and draw attention to her strong jaw without looking harsh. A nice suggestion from hair stylist to have a new look is using rollers from mid length to ends to achieve the same bounciness.

wedding loose waves » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
wedding loose waves
  • Bob Your Way
long bob haircut » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
long bob haircut

For heart shape face, the long bob (lob) is a great choice. It will frame the cheekbones and layers soften the chin slightly. There are three types of bob for oval face. They are a classic bob, curly bob, and bouncy bob.

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classic bob hairstyles » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
classic bob hairstyles

First, a classic bob offers a great variety and really suitable for this face shape. This is so sleek and sophisticated, even more this style never out of date because it looks great on women of any age. A classic bob heavy near the chin, so this balances cheeks with pointed chin. Don’t forget to add fringe bangs to grab attention. Chin length bobs is really great for a heart shaped face. You have to make sure the ends are a bit tapered with side swept bangs. Voila, you are so fascinating now!

curly bob for curly hair » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
curly bob for curly hair
naturally curly hairstyles » Hairstyle Determines Heart Shape Face
naturally curly hairstyles

Second, curly bob for curly hair. Congratulation for the ones who have curly hair because this gorgeous style done by actress Keri Russell. Curls also get heavy, so you you have to taper the ends. Tell your stylist to cut hair by making a lot of the heaviness in your hair. Many stylists cut curly hair when it’s dry. Because it is easier to make it fall instantly. The shorter cut and curls will be best after shampooing because it can weigh down curls. Don’t forget to use a heavy conditioner in the shower. Your hair will be easily made just like what you want.

Third, bouncy bob. Women with curls and want to go with a slightly shorter bob is the best choice. Take a look at Ashley Judd as an example, she looks gorgeous in this cut because it balancing out her facial features. You must notice how the volume of hair falls just below her cheekbones, exactly above her chin. This is the best way to soften a well defined bone structure. But, women with thick or coarse hair should avoid this style, unless they’re going to get a keratin treatment. So you are the one who can decide the choice because your appearance is yours.

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Haircuts for heart shaped faces are various. Just like an oval, a heart shaped face is also the center of envy for many women. Just thank to God because you are lucky enough having killer cheekbones, a wide forehead, and a tapered chin. But it is quite tricky, you also have a widow’s peak that allows a lot of sultry hairstyles. The best choice of hairstyles will raise your cheekbones and flatter your eyes. You can create extra volume at the bottom of your face with softer layers at the top to balance out the shape. Do you want to make a fun? Just try the new style to enhance your face just like this article has written above. Be brave to change your life!