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Burgundy Hair Color Combination

Burgundy hair color is not natural for sure because we need effort to do it. Burgundy looks maximally natural when applied to dark hair as one of the best hair color. This color is also an upgrade for brunette who want a visible, but not so radical change in hair color. This hair color can be a step to a vibrant hue that you’ve never worn before, especially when you apply a burgundy hair dye to light or medium tone hair. Burgundy red hair color, sometimes can be modified as mahogany. If you want some sort of vintage flair, mahogany is the right choice especially for people with green eyes. These two color combination enhance each other. This color can also make the eyes appear brighter. A really deep burgundy hair color is intriguing and mesmerizing. Here are various kind of burgundy hair color combination!

  • Dark Red Velvet

Red velvet cupcakes that people love to devour can be channeled in your hair now. Don’t you believe it? But it is exactly the fact. The results are just as delectable. It is better if you choose a rich shade of burgundy red that blends out nicely in a pretty balayage effect. Yummy, your hair is delicious for eyes that stare at it!

  • Bright Burgundy
bright burgundy hair color 2018 » Burgundy Hair Color Combination
bright burgundy hair color 2018

Burgundy purple hair is easier to create than you think. How to make it? Just ask your hair stylist to make a sleek and silky blowout. Then ask the colorist to dye your hair with this shiny color by using a round or paddle brush. Use this step when your hair is damp and use blowdryer to make the hair dry. Voila, a bright burgundy is yours!

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  • Deep And Dark Purple
burgundy dark purple hair color » Burgundy Hair Color Combination
burgundy dark purple hair color

The dark violet hair are natural looking hair as the right choice to change the hair color. just try a shade that support the subtle purple tinge which is not noticeable. When you are under the sun light, your hair is absolutely awesome because the sparks fly. You are just like an angel with a nice hair.

  • Deep Violet Highlights
burgundy violet highlights » Burgundy Hair Color Combination
burgundy violet highlights

Giving a dreamy purple red hair is possible. Ethereal edge by wearing a jewel toned highlights is awesome, so you must do it for sure. This glistening hair color look enchanting for women. If you want to give a different, just create unicorn hair for a whole new meaning.  Be a playful person if you apply this hair color. You can also a maroon effect which is not really red and purple. Try this color to make you drowning in compliments everyday.

  • Espresso And Red Wine Highlights
wine red hair with highlights » Burgundy Hair Color Combination
wine red hair with highlights

Not only your mouth that can taste this yummy color, your hair too. Espresso and red wine highlights for your hair is a smart choice for brilliant look. It can create a beautiful  reddish purple hue so your hair will be striking when it catches the light. This is it, a brand new you!

  • Burgundy Tinted Brown Hair
wine red hair with highlights 1 » Burgundy Hair Color Combination
wine red hair with highlights

A perfect burgundy color for women who love brown but need a new combination. This color is tinted to create red brown hair that makes the ultimate style statement. This color is distinctive for short or long hair. Voila, you don’t have to be someone for love, here you are!

  • Plum Brown
plum highlights on brown hair » Burgundy Hair Color Combination
plum highlights on brown hair

if you have brown tresses, this is a good news for you. You can combine the brown with purple. Voila it is plum brown! Although it is less natural looking but it is more fashion forward. A breath taking color for everyone, especially when paired with lob.

  • Burgundy Balayage with Black Roots
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burgundy balayage with black roots » Burgundy Hair Color Combination
burgundy balayage with black roots

A good news for the black hair owner especially if you are quite bored with this one. This two tone is slightly a right alternative. This color provides a captivating for brave and experimental people. Create a more energized you with this hair color. Happy tring this one!

  • Burgundy Brown Balayage
burgundy brown balayage » Burgundy Hair Color Combination
burgundy brown balayage

If you are still new with burgundy color, you can try this reddish brown hair for sure. A simple balayage through ribbons of color can be achieved easily or can be applied over natural brunette color too. This hair color is so nice for the beginners. Are you ready to combine your hair?