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Best Hairstyles For Career Women

Career women are extremely boring because they wear the same dull hairstyle everyday to their offices. Have you ever think that there is a little scope to jazz up the workplace hairstyle and look fabulous? Yes of course you need to maintain an ultimate professional appearance. Here are the best hairstyles for career women.

  1. Sleek Lob with Curves & Side Swept Bang
lob haircut 2018 » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
lob haircut 2018
short hair with bangs » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
short hair with bangs

Bob is the most popular haircuts for career women. But, for them who don’t like short hair, this long bob (lob) is the best option. Lob with slightly bent edges and a deep side swept bang covering some part of the forehead are gorgeous and feminine.

  1. Short Bob with Graduated Fringes
short bob hairstyles » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
short bob hairstyles

Again, bob is classic but lovely. This very short and volumized bob make women look smart and elegant especially for elder women. In order to make the most of hairstyle, decorate it with graduated front fringes is a good ide. Don’t forget to add lots of volume to your crown. Voila, you are amazing!

  1. Loose and Messy Waves
beach wave hairstyles » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
beach wave hairstyles

Waves always look sexy especially if the hair is messy. You can simply create a center part and leaving the hair loose for this look. To make a better look, just get reddish brown highlights on loose natural blonde waves and add a messy finish. Wow!

  1. Wavy Side Ponytail With Long Side Bangs
french braid ponytail » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
french braid ponytail

A good news for long hair because ponytail is a corporate hairstyle. Giving a long side bangs will make women more feminine. This beautiful waves and sexy side bang will go excellent with the professional attire. If you wear a formal blouse or dress, wow you are gorgeous!

  1. Very Short Bob With Long Side Swept Bang
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short bob haircuts » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
short bob haircuts

Being the classiest in your workplace is cool. This chic and super smart very short bob is the best one. Giving neat side swept bang is the specialty of this highly popular hairstyle. Do you want it? Yeah, this is really suitable for energic and super active women.

  1. Retro Bob With Tucked and Textured Curls
retro bob hairstyle 1 » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
retro bob hairstyle

Retro style is a vintage style which is not necessarily meant for parties and formal events. You should carry it off because it will be a good choice for a professional look too. Agree? Don’t forget to give the inward curly hair which is texturized and tucked in for a sizzling appearance.

  1. Elegant Twisted Topknot
top knot hairstyle » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
top knot hairstyle

For the long or medium length hair, this simple twisted topknot is a good choice. This topknot not only gives a neat and tidy look, but it is also elegant. This is so important for a professional appearance to make you move faster and energically. You should twist it up in order to add a touch of freshness to it. Voila, it is very cool!

  1. Long Straight Hair With Semi Circular Bangs
hairstyles for straight hair » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
hairstyles for straight hair

This is the simplest hairstyles for career women who have long straight hair. Without layers, it can give a lovely effect and look. For decoration, the semi circular front fringes will add  personality of business women to a great extent. Feminine look will be made especially when you wear blazer or other formal dress.


  1. Wavy Layered Bob With Curly Side Bang

Bob is always suitable for professional life, so if wavy layered is added? You will be wonderful! A fashionably professional look will be achieved by this waves and layers. This wavy layered bob with curved outward is perfect. Don’t forget to add luscious curly side bang, voila your look is perfect!

  1. Twisted And Tucked Bob
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tucked bob hairstyle » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
tucked bob hairstyle

Small twists can add an edgy flair to bob especially for professional look. Simply create a side part on short bob and twist up as well as tucked in the front, yes you are nice! Remember to add side sections of hair respectively.

  1. Layered Bob With Front Fringes
layered bob with fringe » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
layered bob with fringe

A shoulder or medium length bob with lots of layers and front fringes is suitable for career women in any ages. For the elder, this style is nice. Having the layers outward feathered will help you to turn the hairstyle into a smarter and more professional lady.

  1. Low Twisted Chignon With Side Sweep
low twisted chignon hairstyle » Best Hairstyles For Career Women
low twisted chignon hairstyle

Chignon is perfect for active women who have long hair. This low chignon can enhance the corporate look significantly. You just need to make the side swept your hair and make it neat! This is extremely graceful!