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5 Coolest Hair Color Trends in 2018

Hair trends are changing year by year include 2018. If you want to be an update person, you should pay attention to hair style in 2018. Aren’t you bored with your hair? You should change your hair look as soon as possible to make people keep giving attention to you. If you are afraid that short hair will not fit you, it means that you have to do something else. Do not cut your hair, but dye it with extraordinary color. Are you brave?

demi lovato long hairstyles 2018 » 5 Coolest Hair Color Trends in 2018
demi lovato long hairstyles 2018

You can stay with your favourite haircut today, you just need to change the color. But, it is much better if you cut your hair and change its color too. It really needs more braveness and craziness. But the result will be wonderful. Many people might don’t recognize you just like what Demi Lovato has done. The singer revealed on her instagram post that she had cut all of her signature long, dark waves into a piecey, and layered bob. Her experiment with hair is succeed, there are a lot of women that do the same thing. Just like the flu, hair cutting is so easy to be spreaded. The shocking feeling only last for a while. People will copy your hair style if they see that you are gorgeous with a new style.

Back to the topic, we are discussing about hair coloring. So you have to check out the vibrant lilacs and raven blacks that are about to fill your feeds on instagram. But the posts might make you confuse because there are too many hair color style. Don’t worry babe, here are the 5 coolest hair color trends in 2018 to help you go ahead of the trends. Get your colorist’s number ready and make an appointment right after reading this article before your friends, cousin, or other relatives beat you to them.

  1. Irresistable Lilac
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lilac colored hair » 5 Coolest Hair Color Trends in 2018
lilac colored hair

Lilac used to be the streets and runways style, but today it is for all. This style means everything. The bright lilac hues with pink or purple are about to infiltrate people’s mind. A good news for everyone because the shade is pretty easy to wear. Its color correcting blue undertones which give your skin an overall brighter appearance is adorable. That is why many people really like this hair color.

  1. Honey Blonde Ombre
honey blonde hair color ombre » 5 Coolest Hair Color Trends in 2018
honey blonde hair color ombre

This ombre hues are warm and lovely. This honey shades continue to reign as this year’s most sought after blonde. Then you will be seeing a spike in sun kissed golden really grab people’s attention. With grungy, the exposed roots still in style and acting as the ultimate grow out disguise. But hey, blonde has never been so low maintenance. If you were born with blonde hair, you should know about this. But for you who is still new with blonde color, just pay attention more to your blonde hair.

  1. The Crimson
crimson hair color » 5 Coolest Hair Color Trends in 2018
crimson hair color

What kind of hair color that last in 2017? The soft, strawberry blonde hues, and rose gold highlights of 2017 are the answer. But unfortunately it is fade away and forgotten! But don’t be too stress, hey pink lovers! Although it is not pink anymore, but the red still exist! The pink is replaced by deeper shades in the same family like fiery crimson.

  1. Bold Black
bold black hairstyles » 5 Coolest Hair Color Trends in 2018
bold black hairstyles

Good news for Asian women because the inky black hair exists in 2018. Rich and jet black hair will be covering the heads of some celebrities this year. Why don’t you try it? Just take a lot at Pete Wentz, how amazing she is in her black hair. The trend reads less hot topic enthusiast and more badass hair chameleon. This inky black hair is much wonderful if it is coupled with a choppy lob just like Nina Dobrev. Are you ready to try?

  1. Ash Brown Grown
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ash brown balayage » 5 Coolest Hair Color Trends in 2018
ash brown balayage

Not yet ready to have full on My Chemical Romance with a single processed black? Just take a deep breath because you have a solution. Just meet your middle ground named ash brown. This lovely child of deep, chocolate brown and muted, slate gray are the best named for this color. You are so innocence with this color.