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4 Easy Made By Ourselves Bun

Everyone who has ever done a topknot must be known about a stark difference between the perfectly messy, tousled, and something like that. Combining the model off duty bun that worn by celebrities on the red carpet. Discussing about confusingly messy and tangled that never been a model bun worn by you every single day of your life is interested. Inspo worthy chignons and topknots does not need a thing of your wildest dreams because with the right products and guidance are gorgeous. All of these things are actually easy to create on your own. Here are 4 easy made by ourselves bun that can be done at home.

  1. The Low Knot

    low knot bun tutorial » 4 Easy Made By Ourselves Bun
    low knot bun tutorial

This bun which is known as Low Knot are easy to be made by dropping off smoothing serum to make it perfect. After that, your hair will be damp, then blow out your hair with a large round brush until your hair is totally sleek. If you want the hair to lie flat against the head, so you need to flat iron your roots in the direction that you’re going to be pulling the hair. Then brush and iron the roots backwards away from your face for a sleeker finish. Spritz the hairbrush with hairspray, then brush your all of your hair into a low ponytail quickly. After that, you should tye it off with an elastic. Spray the ends part with another layer of hairspray, twist them into a knot, and secure all the knots with bobby pins. The final step is spraying a toothbrush with hairspray to brush over any flyaways.

  1. The Wet Look Chignon
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chignon bun tutorial » 4 Easy Made By Ourselves Bun
chignon bun tutorial

Prepare the hair before blowing it out with a drop of smoothing serum, then flat ironing the roots away from your face. Comb a quarter size blob of pomade (a cult classic favorite) through your hair. Begin this step at the roots and working through your hair until it is fully shiny and saturated. Secure your hair in a low ponytail, then split the ends in half to form a top and bottom section. Next, loop and tie the pieces in a knot just like making a knot in shoelaces. Then pin the ends underneath and the edges in place to keep the knot from falling out. Voila your lovely chignon bun is ready.

  1. The Braided Top Knot

    braided top knot hair tutorial » 4 Easy Made By Ourselves Bun
    braided top knot hair tutorial

braided top knot hairstyles » 4 Easy Made By Ourselves Bun
braided top knot hairstyles

Braided top knot is a style that sits higher up on the head. How to make it? You should blow dry the hair up for volume at the roots. In order to do this knot, you should grab the blow dryer and its nozzle attachment. Flip the head over and blow the hair out from the top down. After it is dry, comb your hair into a tight ponytail at your crown. Don’t forget to tie off with a sturdy elastic. A trick for avoiding the bubbled out slack of hair at the nape of your neck is by tilting the head back when you are making the ponytail. When you lift your neck up again, the ponytail stays completely tight. Use a smoothing cream through the ends of your ponytail. Make a tight braid and tye it off with a clear elastic. Then you should twist and pin the braid into a tight topknot. The last step is misting the whole thing with a layer of hairspray.

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  1. The ’90s Bun

    90s buns tutorial » 4 Easy Made By Ourselves Bun
    90s buns tutorial

This classic and vintage style is also easy to make. You should separate some long layers to hang loosely around your face before you make a bun. Remember that less is more when it comes to this ’90s look. Using the baby hairs and a few face-framing wisps is interested to do. Blast the hair roots with a texturizing spray, then rake and scoop your hair. Sans face with framing layers and a high bun can be made by using your hands to gather the hair. Do another steps, so there is more movement at the top. Loosely twist the hair into a coiled bun and pin the edges in place.  If you face loose pieces are looking a little limp and blah, you should wrapp them around a flat iron to add a soft wave to them.

how to make flower bun hairstyle » 4 Easy Made By Ourselves Bun
how to make flower bun hairstyle