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27 ++ Undercut Hair Styles

amazing undercut hair styles » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesNowadays, men care about their style and appearance especially hair. Various hair style have been used by them. The most fashionabel hair style is undercut model. These hair styles can be used by many professions such as actors, models, military members, professionals, and many more. bahkan cocok jika dipakai untuk berbagai profesi seperti artis, model, militer, dan sebagainya. Here are undercut hair styles that you can choose.

Pompadour with Blow Up Style

pompadour with blow up style » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis pompadour style are used by celebrities that we can see the pictures in the barbershop or saloon. This undercut style is done in the bottom with longer hair on top of the head. The top of the hair are usually blowed into the back with fluffy shape.

Soft Punk Model

soft punk model » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis hair style is usually used by punk singers. The shape is similar with bird’s tail just like Mohawk. But this one is more smooth or not extreme like Mohawk.

Tousled Wave on Top

tousled wave on top » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis hair style has a tousled wave which combed with messy bubble. Do you want to try this one?

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Layered Undercut

layered undercut » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis style apply high rise layers that make stairs impression. Many people will pay attention to you when you walk in front of them.

Messy But Easy to Manage

messy but easy to manage » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis undercut is thin in the bottom and combined by easy to manage texture. The men who have this style do not have to comb the hair, they just use their hands to manage it.

High Rise and Strict Undercut

high rise and strict undercut » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesYou have to asked the hair stylist to cut the hair up and strict thus the face will be so masculine and cool. Have you ever tried this style?

Undercut with Longer Side

undercut with longer side » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis style should have longer side on top which is combed to the side of the head until it touches the ears. The longer side is more than 2 cm.

Mariano Di Vaio Style

italian star mariano di vaio style » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis hair style is well known because of Italian star named Mariano Di Vaio. This style is so cool because the cutting hair is gathered in the middle of the head and the side is undercut (almost no hair).

Quiff Styling

quiff styling » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis quaff styling can be applied to men who have thick hair texture. Undercut is in the bottom, but the bangs is blowed up.

Mohawk Undercut

mohawk undercut » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis mohawk style is suitable for undercut because the bird’s tail shape should be combined with empty space (undercut) on the side.

Mohawk Quiff

mohawk quiff » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis mohawk model is managed well. You have to make the hair is gathered in the middle and the quaff is made by bubble. But the back and side have the same shape like usual Mohawk.

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Undercut For Smooth Hair

undercut for smooth hair » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesTo make this style, the hair stylist should make undercut on one side (half), but on the other side is normal with smooth texture so it makes the man looks so tidy and neat.

Undercut One Side

undercut one side » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThe undercut is only on one side of the head (half). The hair is combed to the other side with obvious side split.

Thomas Davenport

american scientist thomas davenport hairstyle » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesAmerican scientist, Thomas Davenport has a cool undercut which copied by many young men. The men with square face shape is suitable for this hair. On top you should comb to the back without bangs and the edge is roll up.

Spotting Undercut / Miguel’s

spotting undercut miguel » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThere is devider between undercut and the top hair is made with thin line like pockmarked. The pockmarked is scraped horizontally.

Medium Length Top

medium length top » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesOn the top of the head is made into medium shape (not long and not too short). In the bottom is made into undercut just like usual. Ricky Harun, an Indonesian actor is used this style.

Side Parted Undercut

side parted undercut » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis style is little different with slick side parted undercut. This style is applied on stiff hair but easy to manage hair.

2 Layer Undercut

two layer undercut » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis undercut is made into 2 level and in the bottom is so thin almost bald. There is short hair only some millimeters on top. The impression of line is made around the layer.

Wavy Hair With Quiff

wavy hair with quiff » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis undercut type is suitable for men who have wavy hair. The top side of the hair is looked wavy just like quiff.

Preppy Long Quiff

The top side and bangs for this type is combed to make wavy sense. Maintain the texture with hair gel.

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preppy long quiff » 27 ++ Undercut Hair Styles

Undercut With Bangs

undercut with simple bangs » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThe top of the hair is long, but it is combed just like bangs. But it is different with the other style because this style is combed in different way, from the back to the front.

Undercut with Curly Bangs

undercut with curly bangs » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThe curly bangs with wide shape is often found on men hair style. The bangs is combed to the front but not a quaff. The back side is made undercut (almost no hair).

Architectural Undercut

architectural undercut » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis undercut should be drawn first before cutting thus the shape will be so architectural.

Clean Slick Back Undercut

clean slick back undercut » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis style is made clean slick back with some hair left on the top. You should comb the hair to the back to make it neat.

White and Purple Color Hair

white and purple color hair » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis undercut style will be so cool in white and purple color. The color is given on the top of the hair..

Undercut With Hipster Dyed Top

undercut with hipster dyed top » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesThis hair is made by blend the color to make this style looks thick and high rise. Hipster dyed top is the best color for this style.

Blonde with Long and Messy Hair

blonde with long and messy hair » 27 ++ Undercut Hair StylesBlonde with long and messy hair will make the men so sexy. On top of the head should be made longer and messy.

These undercut styles are really suitable for men thus it will make them so masculine and handsome. Ladies can’t and never deny that men with undercut style are adorable. If you are bored with your hair style, just try one of these styles. Happy trying!