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Weird But Lovely DIY Tricks For Hair

Spending your entire Sunday morning on a hair coloring kit is so fun. Your emotional response will be the same like this shit better last. Sadly, even most permanent colors start fading within six weeks. But it doesn’t mean you can’t help slow the inevitable decline with a few cheap DIY tricks. Get ready to push the salon appointment in a month, if you don’t want to do these DIY tricks. Actually, if you have much spare time at home, you should do one or some tricks to have a wonderful hair. Here are some weird but lovely DIY tricks for hair.

coconut oil hair mask » Weird But Lovely DIY Tricks For Hair
coconut oil hair mask

Spending days outside in sunny days are killing your hair color. Especially if you like to spend times in a beach because both salt water and the sun can lighten your dye job and break down the color along with completely drying out the hair. Use coconut oil by massaging the scalp to keep it hydrated and protected. Do themassage with a handful of coconut oil through dry hair, then use a shower cap or plastic wrap. Just let and sleep on it. Then rinse well in the morning. For the best result, you should do this step many times. Voila, your hair is amazing!

diy hair mask for damaged hair » Weird But Lovely DIY Tricks For Hair
diy hair mask for damaged hair

Mix a capful of apple cider vinegar with three cups of warm water. Then pour it over your wet and freshly shampooed hair to seal in color and add shine. Rinse it out and follow with your usual conditioner. For the best result, you should do this treatment once in a week.

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Ketchup? You must be wondering why. The idea of ketchup on your head sounds gross, but it really  works for sure.  Do this treatment especially after swimming in chlorine and your hair become a little green. How to use it? By raking a handful of ketchup through your hair in wet or dry condition. Let it around 15 minutes to neutralize the green and keep your color from fading. Very pale blondes may turn a little beige, though so tread carefully. Do you want to try?


Yummy or delicious is a taste that you think when you hear cocoa. Brunettes and auburns can reverse the hair by enhancing their color with a cocoa powder based mask. How to do it? Mix a table spoon of cocoa powder, yogurt, honey, and apple cider vinegar (each of them). Then apply it to your recently shampooed hair and leaving it on around 20 minutes, then rinse out.


This is the most favorite condiments and beverages of people. But don’t you know that these classic kitchen ingredients really work on hair. How to make it? Just brew a pot of chamomile tea with a few drops of lavender oil and three tablespoons of honey. Then, let it cool to a lukewarm temperature. Pour this mixture over your freshly shampooed hair. Let it around five minutes, then rinse and condition as usual. The chamomile and honey can restore your dye’s original shine and any golden tones. The lavender oil helps to soothe your scalp. Wow your hair color will stay nicely without doubt. Everyone will love it instantly.

  • SOME OILY EGGS                      
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Oily eggs is suitable for dull and blah hair color. This hair mask is the quickest way to restore it. But how to do it? Just mix two raw eggs with equal parts olive oil and white vinegar. Then apply it all over your dry hair. Keep it on around 30 minutes, then rinse it out thoroughly. This oil can restore the shine of your hair color. Shine bright like a diamond babe!


Back to fresh beverage again. This grape kool aid is amazing, not only drinking it, but also using it for hair. It’s time to revisit your past, a pinch of grape Kool aid powder mixed into a handful of shampoo can eliminate brassy. This washed out tones in brown hair is suitable. The blue based hue of the Kool Aid will help to remove the orange tones of your color naturally develops over time.

After knowing this unusual essence for your hair color, you must be so curious to try one or more than one tricks. Happy trying good people!