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How To Push Dandruff Away From Hair

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natural dandruff treatment at home

Dandruff is one of the hardest problem of hair especially the scalp. Dandruff come and stay in the head because of the condition of the head is very supporting for them. What kind of condition that make dandruff comfortable to stay in the head? First because of the scalp condition is very dry. This can be happened because the person seldom wash the hair. But on the other hand, a person who often wash the hair also can make the dandruff stay for a long time in the head. Those situation make the hair can not produce enough oil for the hair, then the dandruffs are comfortable to stay.

Second, because of the shampoo that we use. We have to be selective in choosing a shampoo because the wrong one will cause dandruff and other problem like hair fall. Shampoo and conditioner which is not suitable for us will cause infection of malassezia (the name of a fungus). So the things that should be done to push away dandruffs is by choosing the right shampoo especially anti dandruff shampoo for the hair. But if you already change many shampoo, but there is no result, you have to try traditional or natural essence at home. Here are the things that you have to make at home.

  • Aloe Vera Essence

A lot of people know about aloevera and the benefit of this plant for human. The main benefit of aloevera is for the hair. Do you know what kind of benefit? Aloevera is good to push dandruff away. How to make it? Here are some steps to do at home. First, prepare some aloevera leaves. Then smash aloevera leaves with enough dosage for your hair. The dosage about how much depends on the hair. If your hair is thick and long, so you need more aloevera than a person who has thin and short hair. Rub the aloevera gel to your hair and scalp and massage your scalp gentlely. Leave it around 20 minutes, then rinse or wash your hair thouroughly.

  • Soursop Leave
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Maybe there are a lot of people who do not know about the virtue of soursop leave. Because now we are discussing about dandruff, so soursop leave is very good to push away the dandruff. How to use it? Prepare soursop leaves and smash them up until smooth. Then add some water and apply this concoction as hair mask. Then leave it around 30 minutes. After that you rinse or wash your hair thoroughly until nothing left on your head.

  • Citrus Fruit or Lemon

Citrus fruit or lemon are well known for dandruff treatment. You can choose citrus fruit or lemon because the virtue are the same. But do you know how to apply it? Squash the citrus fruit and add a little water. Smear this concoction to hair and scalp with hair brush or by hand if your hand is not bruised. Be careful if your hand is bruised because you will feel so hurt. Leave it around 30 minutes and rinse your hair after that.

  • Olive Oil

Nowadays, people know about olive oil because it is so good for human. This oil can be used for many things such as for cooking, medicine, and many other things. Actually, olive oil is very good for dandruff treatment. Maybe a lot of people do not know about this virtue. How to use it? You can buy olive oil extract in supermarket or shops because many brand already made olive oil. You just have to buy it by choosing the brand that you want. Then apply this oil to the hair and scalp. Do not forget to massage it well and wait around 30 minutes. You don’t have to rinse your hair, but if you want it is also okay.

  • Almond Oil
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Just like olive oil, almond oil is also good for dandruff treatment. You can also buy almond oil in the supermarket or shops. How to use it? Just smear almond oil and massage your scalp well. Just leave it around 30 minutes. It is okay not rinse your hair because this oil will dry by itself but if you want to rinse it, just do it!