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Hair Dusting Is The Secret For Healthier And Longer Hair

Being a copy cat of a celebrity’s latest haircut is fun and easy to find something you love that works with the texture especially that you can follow their hair style from the pics in social media. It is much better than mimicking your favorite celeb’s look? Beating them to the punch altogether to get the inside scoop. For your information, the top stylists in L.A. and New York City are busy planning their A listers’ next big cuts. Check out the predictions from Jen Atkin, the stylist of Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen for the latest and hottest hairstyles. The biggest breakthorough in 2018 is everyone’s getting bangs, middle length is the new long, and bobs are favourite.  The accessories will be the way to pull back your hair next year, so prepare for the cutest hairband and hairpin.

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After doing a lot of hairstyles and colors will make your hair dull and ugly. So what should you do? Just crying or regretting your actions? Nope, you shouldn’t! Pay more attention to very resilient strands that became more damaged than before. It was your own fault, but it’s a common story in our era of icy and pastel hair color trends.

The big guns for hair rehab such as masks, preshampoo treatments, and the others that make a major difference is needed. But, as we all know that we can’t really fix split or fried ends. We have to cut them off before they are getting worse. So, what should someone do when she need to lose the dead, fried, split weight if she isn’t looking to go much shorter? The answer is hair dusting. Have you ever heard about it?

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L.A. hairstylist named Sal Salcedo introduced this technique. But what Is hair dusting?
Hair dusting is a technique that makes you don’t get rid of any hair length, but only the damaged hair. This can be done by snipping the very bottom of each hair strand. This technique works in terms of removing fuzz from clothes. You want to smooth the hair out the best you can first because you need to allow the bad hair to pop up. That is the reason why you will be getting rid of.

What what is the reason many hairstylists don’t do it? Because It’s really time consuming. But in fact, it’s almost like a second haircut after your strands are shaped and trimmed. Wasting much time will happen if the hair stylist don’t know the tricks. It’s more of a grooming technique than an overall haircut. It doesn’t mean new because it’s been done for ages, some cultures even use different techniques, like fire or razors.

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neutralizing shampoo

Here’s what the stylist needs to know. Hold smaller strands of hair in hand, then slowly open and close my shears perpendicular to the hair strand. Don’t forget to let the shears catch the damaged hair, then cut the perimeter of the hair, if the ends are bad there too. The result is so damn enviable especially if the celebrities put their pictures on instagram. Dusting is the best way to achieve healthier hair without going shorter. Remember that dusting is not a trim! Less than half an inch of a snip in most cases and sometimes even less throughout the surface of the hair, the layers, and the ends. If the hair is dead, just let it go.

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This technique works on any hair type or texture. What a good news! But you really need to smooth the hair out to see the damaged ends that should be removed. Don’t worry because it won’t thin the hair quite the opposite. It actually stops the damage by removing it, so you won’t have split ends creeping up your strands. Make sure you go to a stylist that knows what they’re doing. The dusting should be very minimal. The point is to get rid of hair that no longer serves you. Hair becomes damaged because of weather, coloring, bad haircuts, hot tools, and most of time, just the age of the hair.

So, think about what makes your hair so ugly and less healthy after doing this dusting thus you won’t make the same mistake to your hair. Be happy because you still have long and healthier hair!