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Great Tricks To Make Silky Hair

tips for silky straight hair » Great Tricks To Make Silky Hair
tips for silky straight hair

The characteristics of silky hair are shiny, healthy, and free of tangles. But putting your hair through the ringer so many times, styling with hot tools, using tons of product, and coloring it regularly will make the silkiness just a dream. Since silky hair relies on the health and condition of the cuticle, so the surface of  hair is kind of like shingles on a roof. All of those shingles should lay downward and smooth from roots to ends, so your hair looks and feels smooth and shiny. But, those things can’t easily be done by everyone. You should check out these tricks to transform the strands and restore the natural shine.

homemade tips for silky hair » Great Tricks To Make Silky Hair
homemade tips for silky hair
  1. Be Careful When Shampooing Hair

Shampooing hair is tricky and uneasy to do. A lot of people tend to pile the hair on top of head and wash the entire length of the strands. This technique can create tangles and dry out the ends of the hair. The effect is hair will be lack of moisture especially for curly hair. Naturally straight hair will make oil from the scalp can go from roots to ends very quickly because gravity will pull it down. But curly hair makes the oil travels around the coiled shaft, so the oil doesn’t get there as quick as the straight ones. So, people with curly hair don’t need to often shampoo their hair. But if they are shampooing, swapping out the regs shampoo with a cleansing conditioner to keep from stripping your hair is really necessary.

  1. Comb When Hair Is Wet, Brush When It Dries
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Most people are not patient when brushing, so it can prevent the hair from looking its best. Raking through wet hair with a paddle brush is actually causing hair ripping. Beside smoothing the cuticle, this action also cause damage to the outside layer. A gentler way to detangle hair is by using a comb when it’s wet or a brush which is designed for use on wet hair. Work through the knots and tangles by starting from roots to ends is the best step to do.

  1. Use Cotton Cloth To Dry The Hair

The usage of cotton cloth or t-shirt is much better than the towel. Rubbing the hair with a towel back and forth against it is really bad because it creates friction which fluffs up the cuticle and cause the  breakage which result in frizz. The main key to have smooth hair is no friction. Tighter cuticle will be more resistant to be opened and the smoother the hair is overall.

  1. Finish Blow Drying With Cold Air

Finishing a blow drying with cold air after the hair is dry is not only locking of volume, it also helps to close the cuticle, direction of style, and movement of your hair. Always using a nozzle or concentrator will make the direction of the air goes from roots to ends. This way is closing the cuticle rather than roughing it up. Then comb your hair with fingers hand. You should gently close the hair, then slide the fingers down the hair shaft to squeegee that cuticle closed. This action will best if you do a cold shot of air to seal it.

  1. Consume Healthy Fats
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The light reflection and smoothness is all about moisture and proper lipids.”Remember that it is hard to have beautiful, shiny, reflective oils in your hair if you don’t consume any oils. So you have to make sure that you consume enough fats in your diet. Eating healthy fats like nuts, avocados, and salmon is very important. Why? Because it will keep the lipids higher. Remember about Omega 3 too because it is also great for that. The hydration is also important, so you must drink lots of water every day. The parameter is skin. If it is dry, your hair will be too.

  1. Look For Hydrolyzed Keratin Products

Keratin is precious for achieving silku hair. So you have to buy products with the label for an ingredient called hydrolyzed keratin. Keratin is a structural protein which is necessary for restoring strength in damaged hair. The hydrolyzed means it is a smaller liquid form that can penetrate and work on the interior of the hair.

So, you have to apply 6 tricks that have been explained above to make your dream comes true. The silky hair is yours!