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Alternative Daily Care To Thicken Your Hair

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Your hair can be thinner on the side or you have recently noticed due to age. You should find yourself to have thick and luscious locks. There are plenty ways to boost your hair especially the thickness and volume by using special shampoo or trying keratin treatment at a saloon. Here are the alternative daily care to thicken your hair.

  • Minimize Shampooing

Keeping your hair clean is a must, but washing especially shampooing your hair too often will accomplish to make your hair thinner. Every wash can rinse out scalp borne nutrients which cause your hair become brittle and broken. Not only daily washes, you have to keep shampooing routine to only two or three times in a week. Do not forget to invest the dry shampoo for in between washes to keep hair clean everyday. Use conditioner every time after shampooing can restore the moisture of scalp and hair.

  • Choose Natural Shampoo And Conditioner

Natural ingredients are important to look for because your hair will be healthier day by day. There are a lot of shampoo and conditioner which contain harsh detergents or other formula that dry out your hair and causing the breakage. To minimize the total amount of washing hair, you should find a sulfate free shampoo. If it is possible, you must use products that contain natural or organic ingredients.

  • Minimize Hot Tools Usage

Women usually deal with many hot tools to make various hair style such as curls iron, hair dryer, and many more. These extensive hot tools can burn ends of the hair, then causing split ends and breakage. Try to minimize the usage of a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron at least just once in a week. By minimizing this iron tools, you will let your hair dry when it is possible and save styling tools for special occasions. Then if you do not like the way your hair naturally dries, it is better to apply frizz fighting products to your wet hair so it will dry smoothly and instantly.

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If you really need styling tools on your daily basis, you must use a heat protecting product like argan oil. You should apply argan oil right before styling your hair. The other alternative if you really have to use iron tools, you should use the lowest possible temperature setting for your hair type. Thin hair usually only need a temperature around 93 degrees celcius or 200 degrees of Fahrenheit. But the thick hair usually need around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Do not Use Harsh Hair Dye

Nowadays, the needs to dye hair is so common. If you really like to color your hair, you should stay away from harsh hair dye. Use some bleach and other chemicals can make a drying out effect. If you need styling tools, you need to minimize it because it will cause a serious damage to your hair. Not too often changing your hair color is the best choice. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair and referring to natural dye products is a smart choice. You can easily find natural hair dye in supermarket or shops nowadays.

  • Brush Hair Well

Hair is a part of our body that should be well taken care. We should brush it out the right way regularly because it is good for the overall health. Remember to keep the natural oils which is created by your scalp to the ends of the strands. Brushing can be damaging so you have to be more careful to do it. It is better to use a wide tooth plastic comb to brush your hair than using a bristled brush (round or flat). Start this way at the ends of your hair and work this way up the hair shaft. Avoid brushing hair while it is wet is also important because this situation is the most fragile and prone to breakage. Try to brush your hair only once in a day to spread out the oils and stimulate the scalp.

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Remember that you have important role to your hair everyday. If you want to have a health and thick hair, so you have to be more discipline to follow these daily activities for your hair.