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7 Tricks To Grow Hair Instantly

tricks to grow your hair fast » 7 Tricks To Grow Hair Instantly
tricks to grow your hair fast

Most of women want long hair to make them more feminine. Sometimes because most of men like women with longer hair than the short one. This is the biggest factor that make women want to have long hair instantly while they are just cut the hair because of hair problems or something. Here are 7 tricks to grow hair instantly.

  1. Do Hair Treatment

Remember that your hair can’t grow in a minute. Gaining longer hair really needs time. Hair usually only grows a quarter of an inch to a hal an inch max in a month. This duration only happen if it is super health and does not have a ton of split ends. So you have to be more patient and keep treating your hair well. The right and proper hair treatment can support hair to grow faster everyday.

  1. Trimming Hair Regularly

Trimming means that you need to be scissors friend. Although getting regular trims to snip splits will not make your hair grow faster, but at least this way can make your hair healthier. Do not forget to split from working the way up strands, you need to chop hair more often. Do not wait for a long time to make hair break off high up on the strands. Why? Because your hair will remain short than if you do consistent trim. The best recommendation for hair growth is trim your hair around an eight of an inch off every 10 to 12 weeks to prevent extreme split ends before starting.

  1. Use Conditioner

Do not ever forget to use conditioner after shampooing your hair. You must condition your hair when your hair is still wet. If you coloring and do heat styling for your hair, your hair start to get thinner at the bottom. Conditioner will help you to replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft. As well as you seal the cuticle to prevent more damage, so your hair will grow longer and look healthier.

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  1. Do Not So Often Shampooing Hair

You should not shampoo your hair everytime you shower. Just make your hair wet without shampoo is okay to make it grow longer. Remember that skipping shampoo as much as possible because hair need to breathe. Shampoo is for washing dirt away and product build up. It can also take essential natural oils that keep strands soft and healthier along with hair. If you really need shampoo, be gentle to your hair by lathering up your scalp and letting the suds slide down strands. Hitting the rest of the hair as the water rinses it away is a good way.

how to grow your hair fast in one day » 7 Tricks To Grow Hair Instantly
how to grow your hair fast in one day
  1. Use Cold Water After Shampooing

You should use cold water at the end of each shower especially after you shampoo your hair. Remember that cold water help your hair to grow well and longer. Cold water can also lay down the outer layer of hair smoothly which help you to prevent moisture loss, snags, and the heat damage. Just do this step for some seconds, but you will get the best result if you do this extra step over time.

  1. Trying Hair Boosting Supplements

Human body needs many nuetrients to grow new hair. Ample protein to a slew of essential minerals are the nutrients that your hair needs. So pay attention more to your meal everyday. The lackness of protein and mineral will make your hair grow slowly. You need to use hair boosting supplements that you consume just like medicines. But before taking supplements for your body, you must do consultation to the doctor to make sure that you take the right amounts of supplements.

  1. Brush Your Hair Gentlely
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Do not very often to brush your hair because constant brushing can cause physical harm to your hair. Make your hair like it is spun from gold, so you have to do it carefully. If your hair is wet, the best way to brush is starting from the bottom  to the scalp, not the opposite way. Brushing your hair from scalp to down when it is wet can cause you to lose a lot of hair. No one wants hair loss, so you have to take care your hair.