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Having a Stronger Look with Edgy Hairstyles

Sometimes, being ordinary and following the trend that most people follow is boring. Why do not you have a different look and pop out your edgy side? Well, being different here does not mean getting a weird look that nailed all people’s eyes on you or a controversial appearance that invites so many comments on your social media posts.  Just try to get perfect edgy hairstyles!

However the main point is still to have a different appearance—the uncommon one, so you need to walk on the road with your edgy hairstyles confidently and keep the proper attitude. Hence, you are ready to rock!

Inspiring Edgy Hairstyles in 2020

These recent years, fashion got more bold and edgy. Everyone tries to get attention, moreover with the presence of social media. New things, new fashion, and new looks being explore including edgy hairstyles.

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You can see so many celebrities appear with an edgy haircut and become a big hit because of their anti-mainstream look like Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, etc. Not only celebrities, everyone has the same chance and right to look cool with edgy fashion.

Set your favorite artist look or search for the other edgy hairstyles inspirations like some in the list below as a reference and bring it your trusted hairdresser. From short to long hair, choose one of the following styles to make you look awesome!

  1. Very deep side part

If you have an oval or round face, this style suits well by giving a length illusion and symmetry to your face with the parting style.

  1. Sleek side-parted asymmetric bob
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After getting asymmetric bob cut, part the asymmetric side to one side then apply wax for the sleek look.

  1. Rounded silky bob with side sweep

Are you a blonde head? Choose this cheek-length bob with sleek look to frame your face. Ensure to make a deep part in one side and cover your forehead with the layered side-swept bang to get a younger look.

  1. Edgy indie razor haircut

This style will burst with unique ombre hair color! You can get an effortless edgy look by using a flat iron to make blowout style.

  1. Sexy beachy waves with mess

Medium-length haired girls should try this to show up their mysterious and sexy side, moreover with tangled flair.

  1. Fringed layered waves with curly ends

Want to look edgy but still sweet? This medium-length layered bob style might be a best choice for you! You can get a gorgeous look with its subtle highlights and lowlights, also the curled hair ends in outward and inward directions.

  1. Jet black retro curls

This look works well for long hair with medium or thick density. It can give both retro and casual look.

  1. Edgy long hair with a braided ponytail

Long hair will look stunning with this style. Make a loose fishtail and keep the long flirty side fringe loose to give contrast to the pieces.

Which one is your favorite from these hairstyles? Getting a haircut may give a completely different look, but choose one which emphasizes your personality best. Well, you can show up a strong personality with edgy hairstyles.