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How to Make Straight Hair Finally Become A Curl

how to make straight hair curly without heat » How to Make Straight Hair Finally Become A Curl
how to make straight hair curly without heat

There are some people who were born with natural straight hair that really fall down often face a problem to style the hair. Creating curls in a natural straight hair is a hard thing to do, sometimes people are so frustrating. No matter what women did, their straight hair would not hold a curl or even a wave. They already sprayed the hell out of it with every texturizing product and hairspray or held the curl in their hand until it cooled. Searching for many information about how to master stick straight hair once and for all. But there is not result, only limp nothingness. Try these great tricks to make your hair keep curls and waves all day long.

  • Step 1: Prepare Mousse (Hair Product)

Grab a puff of mousse through towel dried hair to add grit and holdYou can find mousse in supermarket or other shops before doing this tricks.

  • Step 2: Prepare Blow Dryer

Flip your hair over and rough dry it with your hands and blow dryer for adding some textures. Just leave it for some minutes.

  • Step 3: Spray The Hairspray

Spray your dry hair with hairspray to give the curls some grip and staying power. If you don’t give hair spray, your curls hair will not long lasting.

  • Step 4: Prepare Curling Iron

Wrap and twist hair around a narrow iron for longer time, then just let it curls cool.

straight hair curly hair wavy hair » How to Make Straight Hair Finally Become A Curl
straight hair curly hair wavy hair
  • Step 5: Add Some Grip

Most of the curl power come from the way you prepare your damp hair. You should use the right products, for example if you want to give your hair a flexible, malleable shape when you’re heat styling them, then don’t forget to retain that shape when you’re done. A dense and nonsticky mousse that gives hair insane volume and a lightweight spray that coaxes textured waves out of even the straightest hair types are the best products for your hair. After drying your hair with towel, don’t forget to take a puff of mousse to your damp hair with fingers. You have to do it from roots to ends, then mist the wave spray all over the hair and focuse on mid lengths to ends. Remember to comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

  • Step 6: Drying Hair
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The drying process is the mistake that often made by a lot of people. People with the stick straight hair usually blow the dry with a round brush which smooths out all of the natural texture. Basically, don’t play niceby roughing dry your hair with hands and encourage all the waves out of your hair.

  • Step 7: Go for Tiny

If your hair is completely dry, you have to add another layer of staying power to your hair by misting it with hairspray. Then brush through your hair to break up the spray and grab a one inch curling iron or wand. You should use an iron with a smaller barrel than the curl or wave you actually want because the curls will gradually fall out and loosen up. Wrap one inch sections of hair around the iron and hold longer than you usually do. Release the curl into your palm for a few seconds while it cools and clip them to make sure your hair holds the curl. Be more patient because it will take more time.

  • Step 8: Finish It Off

Spray your hair with another layer of hairspray while it is cool. Then remove the pins (if used) only after waiting around 20 minutes. Break up the curls with a wide tooth comb and avoid the urge to grab your favorite shine enhancing spray or dry shampoo for extra oomph. Congratulations, you’ve officially conquered your aggressively straight hair become waves and curls. Keep your hands off of them during the day and change the cotton pillowcase for a silk one at night. It is necessary if you want really excellent hair because sleeping on silk adds shine to your curls and prevents frizz while you sleep.

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