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Gorgeous Medium Hair Style for All Hair Type

Medium hair style is the best style for all hair type because it is so ideal to have. Curly, wavy, straight are gorgeus with this hair style. Medium length is ideal because the length is not so long and not so short. Medium length is around shoulder, exactly on shoulder or a little longer. But if it is above the shoulder means that it is a short hair. Medium hair style is identically with long bob (lob). A lot of women will think about cutting hair into a lob if they want to have a shoulder length hair. The best medium hair style is lob but there are still a lot of kinds of hair style.

medium length balayage haircuts » Gorgeous Medium Hair Style for All Hair Type
medium length balayage haircuts

This medium length haircut is so refreshing and freeing especially for those who always have long hair. And you know what? This haircut is worthy of a social media update because this length is special. Women can be still feminine with this haircut but they are not bothering if the weather is so hot (sunny). This length gives a flexibility in any different hairstyles including ponytails and top knot. This length offers the best part of long and short. Why? Because the feminine women who always have long hair will not feel weird because they still have quite long hair to manage. But for the tomboy who always have short hair, it is not really long so they can still adapt with this style.

Medium for Straight Hair

medium sassy haircuts » Gorgeous Medium Hair Style for All Hair Type
medium sassy haircuts

Straight hair is desireable for many women but they never think that this hair is so flat and limp. Yes it is especially if this hair has no volume at all, so it looks so thin. For straight hair, having medium length still keeps long strands from weighing down hair. This length gives volume effect so chic image will be yours. This style is not easier to style, but it may even stay more lifted at the roots and look fuller. Just try medium length to keep your hair sleek and look like an IRL hairstyle and less as though you just woke up.

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Medium for Wavy Hair

medium wavy hair » Gorgeous Medium Hair Style for All Hair Type
medium wavy hair

For wavy hair, this medium length give flawless look. Voluminous waves that stop at the shoulder is the best thing of your look. Don’t forget to nourish them with cream gel or serum so it won’t be damp. If you already have this wavy medium style, just part your hair to the side and gather the top section back. Creating a half up and down hairstyle will scrunch through the lengths of your hair using your hands. Let it dry, then you can start your day. Believe it or not, your hair will make your day.

Medium for Curly Hair

medium curly hair » Gorgeous Medium Hair Style for All Hair Type
medium curly hair

If you have naturally curly hair means that you have to keep it long. Hey it just a myth, why? Because medium length haircut can keep curls lightweight which can stay defined and hold the shape all day. Keep them on relatively shorter side around shoulder! It will be voluminous than it would be. Having this medium length with layers is the perfect one. Your volume curly hair will be so gorgeous especially if you can manage it well.

Medium for Big Oversized Curls

medium big oversized curls » Gorgeous Medium Hair Style for All Hair Type
medium big oversized curls

If you have a big oversized curls, don’t be shy to show off. No need to be afraid because other people will tell bad things to you. It was so yesterday babe! Nowadays people will like or at least amazed with your big hair. This thick and out of control curls at a shoulder length will look fresh, bouncy, and fabulous. It will be more amazing if you have layers too. Layers add more dimension and hair texture to the cut. After shampooing your hair, get it dry with diffuser attachment. Then you flip your hair upside down partly and drying it that way through. Doing this way will amp up the hair volume further for a seriously show stopping hairstyle.

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After knowing about this fact, you just throw away your doubt or confuseness. Try one of suggestion of hairstyle to make you up. People are waiting for your break through by giving them a new outlook to be adored. Just believe that you are awesome!