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Trendy and Gorgeous Zendaya Hairstyles Ideas

When it comes to hairstyles matter, the actress and singer Zendaya changes hers as often as Kylie Jenner. She is the new fashion icon to the young girls, not only because her awesome fashion choices and the fact that she is the member of famous Taylor Swift’s squad. She is also popular for declaring herself as feminist defense lines, proudly against anyone who body shame or negatively comment on her appearance. If you are one of the many people who are ready to appreciate the bravery and beauty of this girl, then compilation of few Zendaya hairstyles below is definitely worth to check.

Various Beautiful Zendaya Hairstyles for You to Try

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The legend has it that Zendaya changes her hairstyle not only daily basis, but up to twice or trice every day. These handpicked choices of Zendaya hairstyles can be used as inspiration the next time you are planning to change or get a haircut.

  1. Natural bouncy curls

As a proud owner of stunning dark curly hair, Zendaya often left her hair as it is. The natural look of the healthy lock is shining on daily looks or more formal events. Sometimes she would add extension to add volume to her hair and make it more gorgeous. The natural styling is completed with the fashionable outfits that she proves to be able to pull off.

  1. Classic Hollywood waves

About half a decade ago, Zendaya is sported with the timeless oldies style which is the Hollywood waves. Let’s admit it, Zendaya is gorgeous already and this wavy hairstyle adds a whole next level to her luxurious vibes. She used the hair as a statement, to give a glance at the Hollywood’s glamour through her feminine, glossy, and alluring appearance.

  1. The cornrows
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No wonder people are calling this talented celebrity as the hair chameleon. The diversity of Zendaya hairstyles leaves people in awed state as she rocks the stunning cornrows back in 2015. This coo hairstyle fits her perfectly, especially with the natural texture of her hair. It is also more amazing considering that having cornrows takes a lot to prepare.

  1. The glamorous messy top-knot

The gravity defying top-knot that Zendaya sported on one Awards show in New York City is accompanied with bronze makeup look. This flawless look is surprisingly very easy to recreate. Instead of creating typical ponytail and wrapping the hair to make the bun, it is more like and updo, with curled, twisted, piled, and pined hair at the top.

  1. Blonde pixie cuts

When one of the most experimental Zendaya hairstyles, which was the super short choppy hair was debuted, her fans are debating online whether it’s a wig or real hair. No matter which side you were on, all can agree that it looks superb on her. She stole the spotlight at the night just by walking around with this looks.

Zendaya hairstyles unpredictably change every once in a while. The celebrity has shown the public that she is immune to bad looks and provides inspirations to many women out there.