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The Latest Harry Kane Haircut

Harry Kane is getting better in every game. He starts to put himself into a small group of elite players in world football by challenging the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi with his goal scoring. Not only that challenge, Harry Kane also challenge them in the grooming stakes with his current hairstyle. Yes, he wants to steal their place by grabbing attention. A lot of ultra short skin fades and buzz cuts on show in the World Cup. It is nice to go back to basics and see a classic medium length style on him. He also doesn’t want to go so short and Kane is rocking! Here is Harry Kane haircut that you can copy by telling the barber to make it.

harry kane new haircut » The Latest Harry Kane Haircut
harry kane new haircut
  • The Harry Kane Haircut

This haircut is a classic swept back short back and sides that cut off all over with more length through the top. Harry Kane really knows how pretty his face is! Whatever the terms of his contract may be, it is still a good idea to do a bit of upkeep when your picture is splashed across the sports pages in every week. Surprisingly, this hairstyle takes a bit of time and effort to replicate, but it is so worth!

  • Tell Your Barber For The Harry Kane Haircut

Show a picture of the latest Harry Kane haircut to make him know how to make it. The explanation about The Harry Kane haircut is a short back and sides scissor cut all over, but more length is left through the top to let you sweep back the hair. He also sometimes wears the haircut with a slight side parting that seems to be where his hair naturally parts and falls down. If your hair does the same it’s best just to go with it. Let it go!

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harry kane hairstyle » The Latest Harry Kane Haircut
harry kane hairstyle

It sounds easy enough to ask for a soft scissor cut back and sides (no clippers). Natural at the back and a bit of length on top with a deft hand by using the brush and blow dryer to get a slick. Indestructible do that can withstand the whims of our delightful weather. Use a smidge of hair paste to get the hold you need and a bit of shine. Harry Kane’s barber did on demand housecalls, but we don’t, that is why we will be happy to give you a lesson before you go. Practice makes perfect, both on the pitch and in front of the mirror. Top tips for you: make sure you know your hair type and face shape so well. The barber will be able to advise you to pull off the look. Be honest about your day to day routine if you want to jump out of the shower and run out of the door. Forgetting the clothes obviously, then you do not have to do a high maintenance look like Harry Kane’s haircut. Make a consultation with your barber in a longer time. You must take a picture of Harry Kane that you like and ask them if the barber can achieve the look for you.

  • How To Style The Harry Kane Cut
harry kane haircut 2018 » The Latest Harry Kane Haircut
harry kane haircut 2018

Harry Kane’s hairstyle can be made by using the blow dryer. Get yourself acquainted with how to use the iron tool properly. This is what will give the natural looking volume on your hair just like Kane’s style. If you’re not sure how to use a blow dryer properly, just ask your barber to show you the next time you do it by yourself at home. Harry Kane wears the haircut with a natural shine, doesn’t he? But don’t worry because you can also make your hair shiny by using a medium shine paste with a medium to high hold to achieve the look. This hairstyle really need blow drying, so it will probably take you a bit longer to achieve in the morning. You should get up earlier to make a fabulous style before doing your business outside. So if you just want a style that only takes a minute in the morning because you are so busy, unfortunately this style may not be for you. Just have another simple hairstyle, boy!

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