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Stunning Katy Perry Hairstyles to Inspire Women in Styling Their Hair

When talking about hairstyles, there are some popular figures with great styles. Of course, we cannot ignore the existence of Katy Perry. She is so stunning in dealing with her hairstyle. She really pays great care for her crowns and this affection has made her able to get plenty of stunning hairstyles. Colors are also other attractive parts. Surely, all things about Katy Perry hairstyles will be so interesting to see.

The Attractive Katy Perry Hairstyles

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Katy Perry looks great in several hairstyles. Her beautiful face and nice hair gives her freedom to pick any kinds of styles. Even, in some conditions, she was so brave to play with her hair and color the hair in various attractive and stunning colors, in which most of people never expect it. With all of the great looks and appearance, these are some of her great hairstyles.

  1. Side-parted wavy hairstyle

This is one of the beautiful Katy Perry hairstyles. In this hairstyle, she looks so casual and sweet. She does not play with any colors. She leaves the hair with the natural black colors. Then, it is made with good length. Seeing this may make people unable to imagine how she starts to love the extreme colors of hair.

  1. Golden-layered razor haircut

This is one of the Katy Perry hairstyles where she plays with color. It is actually a casual bob haircut. However, she modifies the style by adding some layers. Then, the fringe is side-parted to show the nice face shape of her. Then, she has the golden look on her hair.

  1. Blue side-parted bob
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This is quite similar to the previous style. However, the color is in blue and her hair is not fully dyed. Some parts, especially the roots, keep the natural black color. It creates the effect of great gradation. This looks awesome. Related to the blue color, she also ever has the ponytail. The concept is also similar in which she does not fully dye her hair. In this part, she only dyes the ponytail.

  1. Center-parted purple curls

This is one of the Katy Perry hairstyles with the long haircut. This is a simple center-parted style. However, she adds the curls on the sides. This is perfect way to add more volumes on the hair. Then, it becomes perfect when she dyes the hair in purple. It is not complete purple since some parts show the gradation of black and purple. Meanwhile, the roots still keep the black color as the natural choice.

  1. Irregular bob with blonde

She looks great with the shorter haircut. Once again, it is about a bob haircut. However, she modifies the bob cut and it is made irregular. It is like combination between the side-swept and the bob. Moreover, one of the sides is swept back to show her beautiful ears. This is perfect when she add the gradation of blonde.

Well, those are the stunning hairstyles of Katy Perry. She looks so beautiful in all kinds of haircuts. Even, she is so brave to play with colors. Of course, it needs more than just a confident. Yet, all of these Katy Perry hairstyles can be the great reference and insights for women.

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