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Stunning Emilia Clarke Hairstyles to Copy

When it comes to hairstyle, the imagery of Emilia Clarke wearing long braided platinum hair braided is probably what majority of people have of her. However, the beautiful actress is actually has tried diverse styles with various colors, textures, and lengths. She has changed the color from the classic dark brown to the bright platinum colors, from the straight to the curly styles. The updo hairstyles are even more impressive, as she has attempted almost every imaginable style. Check out the collection of Emilia Clarke hairstyles throughout her career to recreate for yourself.

Best Emilia Clarke Hairstyles That Are Easy to Recreate

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The majority of hairstyles that Emilia Clarke has picked up is simple, easy, but still looks stunning. The list below contains several of her hairstyles, mostly in short and medium length. All are adoptable both for formal and casual looks.

  1. The brunette long bob

This first of Emilia Clarke hairstyles is compatible with simple daily look for anyone to sport on, but if you want to wear it to the formal event, as how Emilia Clarke wear it on red carpet on Awards night then it is totally possible. Her hair is colored in deep brown and highlighted in medium-light blond. It is parted deep on the side. She also gives some relaxed vibes to the style as the end is curled lightly to provide some bouncy movement and some undone texture.

  1. Sleek low ponytail

For the premiere event of her iconic shows, she’s sported with low ponytail that modified in order to look more unique and elegant. This is one of the more formal Emilia Clarke hairstyles as it is added with attention to get thicker volume. The dark lock is pulled in sleek manner and parted in center. The stylist adds twist with wrapped the hair in several gold colored bands.

  1. Half up and half down
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Again with the wearable formal event hairstyles, the actress is back with bob length hair that styled in half pony. To recreate this one of the many Emilia Clarke hairstyles, add texture and volume to your bob hair, part it in the middle and divide it into two parts. Secure the upper part in ponytail. Leave the below part in loose and slightly wavy texture.

  1. Side braided loose chignon

The loose chignon looks flattering on Emilia’s facial feature as it carries elegance and stunning vibes with it. Her dark brunette is swept to the side, pulled into a romantic chignon. You do not have to create perfect tie as the loose style makes the appearance seem effortless. Pull the front or pony part lightly and hold it with some hairspray to make it long-lasting through the event.

As a famous actress that is known around the globe, people are always curious with the latest style that Emilia tries on. The compiled list of Emilia Clarke hairstyles is just a small part of the various styling options that the world has glimpsed on. You can copy the rising star’s refreshing hairstyle and put a wide smile as she always does to make the people around turn their sight to you in awe.