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Some Attractive and Hot Zayn Malik Hairstyles as Reference to Update Your Haircut

For male singers, it seems that nowadays Zayn Malik becomes one of the most popular names. He was part of the One Direction consisting of some talented and cool young singers. However, he decides to take the solo career and his popularity start to get rocketed. Besides the skills in singing, his look also makes people love him. There are some cool Zayn Malik hairstyles that can become the great references.

Attractive and Cool Zayn Malik Hairstyles

cool zayn malik haircuts » Some Attractive and Hot Zayn Malik Hairstyles as Reference to Update Your Haircut

Zayn have various kinds of hairstyles. Mostly, he loves the short haircut. Most styles are in short cuts as the good insights for men who want to have new and fresh haircut. Here are some attractive hairstyles by Zayn Malik.

  1. Quiff hairstyle

This is the first option of Zayn Malik hairstyles. In this hairstyle, it makes him look like the legendary Elvis Presley. The mane is made thick and it is slicked back. Then, it has iconic strand leaving the group of hair and it hangs on the face. Of course, this looks so great although it may be classical. However, it requires extra effort since wax is needed to keep the style.

  1. Faux hawk

This can be called as one of his iconic Zayn Malik hairstyles. Even, some people consider this hairstyle as his original style. At least, there are two elements of hairstyle in this. First, it has skin fade on the sides. Then, brush up style is added on the front and top area. It is combined well with his thin beard.

  1. Shaggy hairstyle
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It is actually quite rare to see Zayn in longer haircut. However, there was time when he had the shaggy hairstyle. This may be like the unique Zayn Malik hairstyles. There is nothing special in his shaggy style. It is common shaggy cut and it has side swept for the front area. However, he does not make it into neat hairstyle, but it looks messy. It is like a bed-head style.

  1. Top knot

This is also one of the nice short haircuts that show his great appearance and look. It is actually common top knot. However, the sides are shaved, so it only leaves some short and tiny hair. It is almost fully shaved. Then, the mane and top area has enough length to swipe back and crate the knot.

  1. Blonde buzz

This is the shortest haircut owned by Zayn. This is also one of the phenomenal Zayn Malik hairstyles. It is actually common buzz cut. However, he adds the blonde color on the hair, so it looks cooler and more attractive. It also blends well with this thin beard. This makes him look sexier.

  1. Fade with spiky hair

This is similar to the common spikes. However, he leaves thin shaved sides. Then, he adds some colors on the spikes. It is not only the faded color of blonde. He is quite brave to have the gradient of pink on the spikes.

These are some of the great hairstyles showed by Zayn Malik. These are good references for anyone who loves his look, especially the hair. These six points can show the good style and cut and mostly these are in the short cuts. Of course, it is also possible to find other Zayn Malik hairstyles.

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