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Miley Cyrus Hairstyles to Use as Inspiration to Recreate for Yourself

From mainstream hairstyles to experimental haircuts, it looks like Miley Cyrus has tried all of the hairstyles possible under the sun. Her wavy long locks from the Disney days are her default looks for some people, but the punk pixie or the animal ears are too iconic to not mention. She may have had several misdirection or steps sometimes in her career, but who says the looks from her questionable phase cannot be inspiration for anyone? The list of Miley Cyrus hairstyles below are just a quick glance from her hair history. Miley has tried so many hairstyles, with various textures, different length, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is gorgeous enough to suit them all.

Several Most Popular Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

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The fact that Miley changes her hairstyle faster than light speed does not hinder the prior hairstyles that she’s sported on. There are so much more of her hairstyles than the stunning long hair that seems attached to everyone’s memory. Check out various impressive styles she has ever tried on hair by reading the following list.

  1. The sleek and smooth hair

Although she is not showing this silky straight looks more often, but it is sure one of the most stunning Miley Cyrus hairstyles. Miley and straight hair in the same sentence may make people think of her Hannah Montana Days, but she actually plays a lot with both long and medium length, most often in brunette color. To add twist into the sleek hair, she often adds blonde highlights.

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  1. The handsome short cuts

There is word ‘extreme’ in Miley’s dictionary in terms of experimenting with hairstyles. She used to shock everyone everyday with her ever changing eccentric hairstyles. She has styled the short hair in pixie cuts, undercuts, flippy styles, crewcuts, faux hawks, bowl cuts, spiky punk cuts, pompadour cuts, and even slicked down styles. It almost feels like she’s trying to prove that the super short hair doesn’t lack styling options as well.

  1. The sweet girl-next-door waves

The wavy brunette is probably the sweetest one from bunch of Miley Cyrus hairstyles. Her beautiful natural brown locks are styled in large and relaxed curls, with or without bangs. The side bangs that she looks the best in, gives flattering looks to her face shape.

  1. The medium curly middle length

Miley transform the curls on middle length hair quite creatively. She can look cheerful when the medium curls are parted to the side and added with ombre colors. She’s also capable to create the matured look with highlights, intensive waves, and deep parting to the side. Whichever mid-length curls that she chooses, she’s always glows by the charming and radiant curls.

  1. The elegant formal updos

The messy updos of Miley Cyrus hairstyles are worn most often to the formal events such as red carpet or movie premiere. She has the ability to create fashionably casual but still elegant looks, because while it was messy, it was rarely look cluttered.

Have you decided which one of the Miley Cyrus hairstyles above that you want to recreate? Taking style inspiration, including for your hair, from celebrities is something normal. So do not feel hesitated to show Miley’s photo that reveal her best hairstyles to your salon stylist.

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