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Justin Bieber Hairstyles Evolution Year by Year

Justin Bieber hairstyles should be a hot topic every time. The singer is quite a controversial one. He stated the career in the music industry by shocking the world with his home-recorded video of his angelic voice.

The Best Justin Bieber Hairstyles throughout the Years

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Everyone remembers that one of the most memorable Justin Bieber hairstyles is the one with long bangs. He used that hairstyle when he was just started in the music industry. The cut is quite unforgettable as it makes he looked like a carefree teenager, along with the hoodie and stuff. Now, he has done a lot of hairstyles on his head. There are some of the best ones and here they are for you:

  1. Long Swoopy

As stated before, one of the most unforgettable Justin Bieber hairstyles is this long swoopy cut. Back in the 2010, Justin Bieber was just a teenager trying to break into the music industry. The Canadian singer surely did not have that much experience with hair styling. His hair is kept longer and cut just above the ear and then completed by long bangs covering the forehead. Some people mock this type of hairstyle as the “bowl haircut”.

  1. Spiked Front Cut

Several years after his debut, Justin Bieber started to ditch his then-signature swoopy cut. He chose to go with spiked front cut in several occasions. This cut is great to use as it enhance the facial features, including the eyes and the forehead. This is probably one of best Justin Bieber hairstyles ever.

  1. Long Bangs
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In 2015, Justin Bieber was apparently done of looking neat and tidy. He opted to have some wilder hairstyles and the one he chose is this short cut with long bangs. He looked incredibly cool with the cut, though. His hair was dyed lighter blonde sometimes and then the thick hair was cut in layers all around the head. Then, bangs were added on the front and kept down under the eyebrows.

  1. Man Bun

2017 was when the singer started to grow his hair even longer and then did man bun on the head. It won’t be easy, though, if you want to copy as this hairstyle requires longer hair and more volumes on the hair, too. However, if your hair is thick enough, you can certainly copy the look with ease.

  1. Buzz Cut

In 2019, Justin Bieber is married and growing into a real man. He ditched all the crazy hairstyles he had from time to time. Apparently, in 2019 he chooses the traditional buzz cut. Cutting his hair all short, he looked neat and formal once again eventually. This is one of the Justin Bieber hairstyles to copy if you are looking for something slightly more formal.

If you love to look like the singer, you can just copy one of those hairstyles. It will help you took just as cute as the singer. Those Justin Bieber hairstyles are mostly suitable for casual occasions, fit for young people.