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Jessica Alba Hairstyles: the Beauty Never Dies

We are never getting tired of Jessica Alba, a beautiful lady with such amazing acting skill. Various genres of film she had took part are very interesting to watch, not only because of her stunning appearance, but also the story line that’s more lively because of her good role playing. Outside of the film world, we are always amazed of Jessica Alba hairstyles.

Get Inspired by Hairstyles of Jessica Alba

Besides being an actress, Jessica Alba is also a mother and businesswoman. We all know that for a famous person like her, paying attention to the style and appearance is a must and they got enough money to get the best treatment for their look. The good point is: tons of Jessica Alba hairstyles brought out to the society is easy to copy but still look flattering. This fact will eliminate all your worries and insecurities to make her as a role model to get a better look.

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From short to long hair, she had tried to all styles and the result is never made us disappointed. Her hairstyles inspire women to brace themselves to be confidence no matter the length of hair they have. Here are some of Jessica Alba hairstyles you can refer to!

  1. The short straight light blonde with the side swept bangs

Wants to look cute? Try this short blonde style brought by Jessica Alba. Get a short or medium haircut and make short jagged layers to shape your face.

  1. The medium wavy mahogany brunette with layered bangs

Simplicity is the key Jessica Alba hairstyles. This medium length haircut lies on the shoulders with little layering. Make long bangs from the middle of your head crown parting the hair into two sides to get a soft look.

  1. Medium straight dark brunette bob haircut
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This hairstyle makes you look sexy and elegant for sure. With dark mahogany color, the classic bob ends under the jaw line to frame your face (this works best to hide your round face). Add some highlights to show the contrast and texture of your hair.

  1. Medium wavy caramel brunette

If you have middle length hair, add soft loose to frame your face. You can add dark blonde highlights to make it lovelier.

  1. Side low tight ponytail

To get this look, gather your long hair into tight ponytail with neat side low. Pull the hair from the pony and wrap them around hair elastic you use to hide it.

  1. Ombre long wavy

This look is really easy to get for you who are gifted with beautiful wavy hair. You also can spice up your straight hair to make sexy waves. Do not forget to make a side sweep bangs to enhance your femininity.

Well, those are some easiest but prettiest Jessica Alba hairstyles that can be your references. Do you want more tips to look gorgeous? Remember to be always confident with the style you choose and put your most beautiful smile like Jessica Alba always does.