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Halle Berry Hairstyles in Pixie Cuts to Use as Inspirations

Halle Berry has both the look and the talent that is something no one can argue on. She has been active in the entertainment industry since the 80’s era where she was a Miss USA and Miss World contestant. Now the Academy Award-winning actress who seems to be incapable of aging is the solid fashion icon to the world. Various looks of hers have been inspirations for plenty of women, including the Halle Berry hairstyles. She is most known for her pixie cuts, so you’d find how she uniquely transforms several styling options from this particular hairstyle in the following.

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Four Halle Berry Hairstyles to Try for Your Next Haircut Session

Halle Berry is a living proof that having short hair doesn’t mean that you have limited option in terms of styling it. This signature look has been rocked by the celebrity as early as the 90s without a single day looking boring. Here are several ways Halle Berry hairstyles make the pixie cut style looks undeniably interesting,

  1. The textured top

Halle Berry has tried the pixie crop since the 1992. With choppy bang and textured top part, she looked as gorgeous as ever. If you are interested in copying this style, you can either leave it in your natural hair color as the celebrity does, or you can modernize it by applying light dyes such as white or bubblegum colors.

  1. Mushroom pixie cuts

One of the most stunning Halle Berry hairstyles is the mushroom cut that she’s sported on 1990. Many people thought that this hairstyle is limited to the model or celebrity, but if you have found the right styling, then it could be a captivating look that’s wearable on everyday lives. In this haircut, Halle added light curls on her hair, making it voluminous. She also got chopped bangs to make the style looks more glamorous.

  1. Feminine spiky hair
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It is possible to pull off the soft spiky pixie even if you are not Halle Berry. This cut exudes fun, feminine but also glam vibes, due to the softness it has. Halle often wore it with gel and crunch texture but that’s something you can leave on 90s. The best part is, it doesn’t require much styling to get the messy looks. Spike your hair up with texturing spray and just a bit of activating wax and you are good to go.

  1. Brown colored and layered bangs

The last of the Halle Berry hairstyles list is the casual straight looks. The hair was styled smoothly with the help of flat irons. This versatile looks can be worn on both formal and casual events. The layered fringe makes the entire looks seem trendy and framed her face so well.

Halle Berry’s radiant skin, gorgeous smile, and awe-inducing cheekbones contribute a lot to her always stunning looks. However, Halle Berry hairstyles also play a major part in creating her iconic appearance. Recreate her hairstyle and use her makeup looks as inspiration. The chic styles will be able to transform you and leave you with pleasant dramatic impression.