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Emma Stone Hairstyles: Six Iconic Hairstyles of the Talented Actress

Every woman wishes to be able to pull off Emma Stone’s look. The talented actress hardly ever has bad styling in her entire career. That is why many women all around the globe want to copy her style. This passage is going to discuss some of the most famous Emma Stone hairstyles. You might want to apply one of the following hairstyles on yourself.

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The Favorite Emma Stone Hairstyles of All Time

  1. Medium Length Wavy Hair

This style is something that the actress often pulls off, but this one look in particular really pops because she dyed her hair in dark ginger color. The hair is cut above shoulders and gets side bangs as nice accents. In order to create volume to the hair, the outer strands are ironed to form very loose waves. The result is very astonishing and makes her looking youthful.

  1. Straight Hair with Front Layered Bangs

It is one of Emma Stone hairstyles in her younger years as actress. This style will make anyone looking youthful. The hair is cut around the length of your chest that falls naturally. It is enriched with slight layers that are not too prominent. Layers also present in the bangs to make it more three dimensional and looking light.

  1. Updo Red Carpet Hairstyles

The actress is also known to have elegant red carpet hairdos. One of the most notorious Emma Stone hairstyles for red carpet events would be her updo. The highlight of this style would be the long side bangs that frame one part of her face nicely. At the back of her head, the hair was tight together in loose but tasteful knot. The look has timeless vibe to it.

  1. Mid Length Blonde with Side Bangs
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Another style that is also popularized by Stone is her mid length blonde hair with side bangs. It is the blonde version of the first hairstyle mentioned in this passage. The difference is that the curls in this style are tighter and the hair is cut longer. It makes one’s hair looking like it has more volume and texture. Light blonde highlights are also added to make the hair shines.

  1. Uneven Loose Curls

This style is a great sample of gothic Emma Stone hairstyles. The hair is cut in the way that one side is longer than the other. It is then curled in tight waves. Her hair is dyed in golden blonde color to enhance the regality of the style. She matched it with dark red lipstick and black lace dress to make it looking gothic.

  1. Shoulder Length Straight Layers

Although the actress loves putting her hair into updo during red carpet, sometimes she changes up things. Her shoulder length straight brunette hair is also a crowd’s favorite. The hair is styled so it parts on the side. The style has some layers in it but they do not look too prominent. It has classy yet fierce vibe to it. In order to soften the style, the end of her hair stands is curled up to inner side.

There are plenty other Emma Stone hairstyles that you might find interesting if you look further. Who knows that one of her looks might be the perfect one for you?