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David Beckham Hairstyles Every Man Wants to Copy

In fact, everyone wants to dig more about David Beckham hairstyles. It is something common to do considering the former soccer star has done countless hairstyles throughout the years, starting when he was an active soccer player to today when he has retired and turned into Hollywood socialite. Here is more information that you need to know about his hairstyle.

The Most Iconic David Beckham Hairstyles

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For those who want to find out more about David Beckham hairstyles, read the information down below. There are more than 10 hairstyles the soccer star has done from time to time. These are the best five and the most well-remembered ones. You can get the stylish look of David Beckham by rocking these hairstyles below.

  1. The Buzz Cut

In the beginning of the 2000s, the soccer star loved to have buzz cut on his head. This cut is indeed considered simpler and stylish. Beckham went with this natural blonde color and trimmed the hair quite shortly, especially on both sides of the head. You can copy the David Beckham hairstyles over here if you go to casual events quite often.

  1. The Faux Hawk

The faux hawk was very popular in 2002, thanks to David Beckham. This hairstyle was actually the evolution of his previous Mohawk hairstyle. The hair was let to grow all over the head, filling the previously empty parts. The Mohawk was still there and hence creating the eventual faux hawk look.

  1. The Top Knot Ponytail

By 2004, Beckham loved to grow his hair longer. It happened when he was playing from Real Madrid. His hair was kept longer and to make it easier for him to run on the pitch, the hair was styled into top knot ponytail. Some parts of the hair are tighten together and placed on the top of the head. Do you have longer hair? If you do, this is one of the best David Beckham hairstyles to try.

  1. The Short Spikes
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In 2009, David Beckham loved rocking short spikes hairstyle. This was where he shaved almost the entire hair on the head and then let it grow into short, even spikes. For those who want to look cool, this hairstyle is totally worth trying.

  1. The Slicked Back

In 2018 Beckham was no longer playing soccer. He was more active in philanthropy and as celebrity. His hairstyle changed into something more formal. The slicked back is the one he uses a lot of time. The key of copying this hairstyle is to keep your hair thick and to apply a lot of gels on it. Then, the hair should be able to be combed right to the back of the head.

As we know, David Beckham is considered as one of the sexiest men alive today. He is incredibly handsome indeed and his hairstyle is just always spot on. Those are the explanations about David Beckham’s most amazing hairstyles. By copying those David Beckham hairstyles surely you will look more interesting and stylish.