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Cute Paulo Dybala Hairstyles

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new haircut paulo dybala 2018

If you like football, you must know about Paulo Dybala. A young player with many changes from day to day. Take a look at his hairstyle which always be fabulous and fit to his handsome face. But remember what’s in or hype today might be a thing of the past tomorrow or later. There are a couple of trends in men’s hairstyle in several years which were introduced by celebrities. Men usually copy famous people such as movie stars and athletes just like ladies to get a new haircut.

Now who is the one as a trending star on hairstyle? The answer is Paulo Dybala, a professional football player from Argentina. He is currently playing for Juventus and the Argentina national team. For your information, Dybala began his career in Argentina, in a team of Instituto de Cordoba. He has a creative style of play then he got people’s attention around the world. He even has a nickname, La Joya in Spanish language means The Jewel.

all time paulo dybala haircut 630x380 » Cute Paulo Dybala Hairstyles
all time paulo dybala haircut

How exactly his hairstyle? It is actually simple and neat, but so cute. It looks good on every occasion just like his pictures on many media. From sporty ones, to a formal styles with suits and ties. He is smart to combine the neat appearance on sides and back with casual on top. The hair on the top of his head is kept on a medium size and uses hair gel to keep it lifted upwards and looks shiny. He usually simply combs the hair up and directs it to one side, but wow he is gorgeous.

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A wide tooth comb when he smiles really complete his apperance. His hair is cut to the sides of his head and shorter than the top. A clear line is his main character where the short hair ends and the long begins. If you want to have his style, you need to shave or trim the hair on the sides and back using a hair clipper to get a neat look. But the world consists of lovers and haters, so there are people who don’t like this kind of haircut. The fact is this simple hairstyle is undeniable and elegant in any occasion.

His great appearance do not stop to that style. He made a breakthrough by having the hair dye and showing off on Thursday evening while playing in Juventus match. This 24 years old star is looking to use his free time after Argentina gave up at the hands of France in the World Cup. He didn’t directly return to Juventus training for a number of weeks.

After The World Cup is over, Dybala seems focus on his hair, not the club because the season hasn’t started again. So he really spent times to have many advantages for himself. The bold colour is his choice that grab many attention from his fans. Some fans even gave a new nickname for him, The Snowman. A lot of people admit his ability in football just like Lionel Messi who went silver too in the past.

This striker seems supposedly incoming Cristiano Ronaldo, is it true? Dybala is the star of Juventus with a different playing style from Ronaldo, but the same thing is this 2 players have place in the starting line up.  So, you are the one who only pay attention to the match or the players? If you like to pay attention to each of the players, you can predict or appraise Dybala while watching his match.

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paulo dybala cute hairstyle 630x380 » Cute Paulo Dybala Hairstyles
paulo dybala cute hairstyle

Again, in this world there will be pro and contra. Some people agree with his silver hair so they named him “The Snowman”, but some of them disagree and said that black is better for Paula Dybala. So how about you? Do you agree with his new haircolor or not? If you disagree, you can say it by posting a comment on his instagram photo. But if you like his new style, you can enjoy his appearance by seeing many pictures on instagram, google, or other social media.

Actually there is a similarity in Dybala’s hairstyles. He never forget to leave a high or longer version of the comb over fade. Just like a good boy, he often make his hair so neat. So if sometimes we see his hair is messy, then we think that neat is much better for him. The one who often see in the same style usually become his character, so Dybala is a good boy with a neat hair.