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Cool and Awesome Justin Timberlake Hairstyles with Short Haircut

Justin Timberlake becomes one of the iconic persons. No one deny his popularity. It is not only because of his great skills. In fact, his appearance and look also makes him able to reach the great life as what he has nowadays. Specifically regarding the look, hairstyles become one of the aspects to see. J.T. has some great Justin Timberlake hairstyles. These iconic hairstyles can also become your great references.

The Iconic Justin Timberlake hairstyles

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You are able to find various great hairstyles from Justine Timberlake. He always has the great fashion which always looks great on him. No one can deny his taste in dealing with the hair. That’s why J.T. can be the great references for you.

  1. Undercut

Undercut becomes one of the iconic Justin Timberlake hairstyles. It is actually the popular haircuts loved by most men. However, Justine Timberlake makes some modification in his haircut. It is not a simple undercut since he adds faded sides. The lower parts of the side are shaved, so it leaves the look of thicker and more voluminous hair on the higher parts. Moreover, his thin beard makes him so sexy.

  1. Spikes

As most of the men, he also has ever tried the spikes. He makes his hair spiked up and it looks great on him. It is not kind of the tall spikes. However, the spikes are made messy and it is not tall enough. Since he also has thick and voluminous hair, the spikes look great with the shaved sides. In some conditions, even he side-sweeps the spikes.

  1. Pompadour
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Pompadour is quite rare to find nowadays. It is even considered as classical or old-school to make it look odd for now. However, J.T. shows that it is not the matter of era. He still looks great with the old styles and Justin Timberlake hairstyles can always make him look great. The pompadour is modified to it looks more modern. Once again, due to his thick hair, he gets best look. Then, the sides are thinly shaved to emphasize the thick pompadour.

  1. Side part

This is one of the Justin Timberlake hairstyles that can good recommendation of formal look. The hair is combed to the side. In this hairstyle, he does not make the hair grow long. It is short enough so it will not take much effort to keep the tidy look on the swept.

  1. Buzz cut

Buzz cut becomes the other option. It is the regular buzz up. He does not take many modifications of styles on the buzz cut. This gives him simple look and it is good solution if you do not like to pay more attention for your hair.

These five haircuts show some good hairstyles owned by Justin Timberlake. He is not the one creating the styles. Even, most of them are quite common and other popular names have the same styles. However, J.T. makes some modification. In case you are also interested in it and want to find more Justin Timberlake hairstyles, it is still possible since he has plenty of great styles.

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