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Bruno Mars Hairstyles from Retro to Sexy Casual Look

Peter Gene Hernandez, or well known as Bruno Mars, is an American singer and song writer who started to raise his career with a song entitled ‘Just the Way You Are’. After that, people not only pay attention to his songs, but also his style, including Bruno Mars hairstyles.

The world discovers his fantastic talent, his angelic voice and ear-catching songs written by him, proven by winning Grammy awards. It is an incredible achievement to be reached in his early age. Talking about Bruno Mars hairstyles, short hair is the key. This amazing guy distinguished with his natural curly short hair, but do you know that he plays a lot with his hairstyles?

Catch a Glimpse of Bruno Mars Hairstyles

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If you are a man with the same hair texture with Bruno Mars or just want to look for some references of the top star haircut to be copied, check these Bruno Mars hairstyles that will make you want to make 24K magic to your look.

  1. Short and straight dark brunette

Looking for a formal look? This hairstyle works well for any face shapes. Medium and thick hair density suits this style. Use a finishing product to help you to get this retro style. Direct your hair to shape them into position with a blow wave while applying the finishing product. You will need around 20 minutes to style this look.

  1. Short curly hairstyle

If you have curly hair, it is highly recommended to try this low-fuss hairstyle, the most distinguished one of Bruno Mars hairstyles. Make short clipper cut around the sides and the back of your hair. Cut the top hair into short jagged layers then blend them to let the natural movement of the hair waves and curls on point. The good news is you only need a regular trim to keep this casual style and a little finishing product to make it shine.

  1. Short and straight hairstyle
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Yes, Bruno Mars straighten his hair in this look. You can try to do it too with your curly hair. Cut the back and sides of your hair short and blend them into the layered top. Blow-dry it back to get a smooth finishing. To style up this formal look, smooth down the ends of your hair using finishing products.

  1. Curly/textured pompadour hairstyle

Rather than the traditional pompadour style, this style gives a touch of modern look more. Starts from your forehead, comb your hair backwards to the crown and back of your head. Gently use your free hand to push forward some of the hair that you have combed backwards to create the quiff. You will need texturizing clay or paste to style your hair, not pomades.

Bruno Mars often adds accessories to enhance his outstanding look, such as hat, scarf, and glasses. Well, most of Bruno Mars hairstyles look good with glasses. You can also try to wear any glasses to get multiple choices of look depending on the type of glasses you put on.