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Best Brad Pitt Hairstyles that Easy to Apply

Everyone knows Brad Pitt as the top actor in Hollywood. In old days, he was the favorite one because of his good looking. Of course, he turns into big star, not just by his look, but also his skill and personality. Any style of him will be the trendsetter, including Brad Pitt hairstyles. Let’s check the inspirations below.

The List of Brad Pitt Hairstyles

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In general, you can find many photos or pictures with various hairstyles that Brad Pitt used. If you love his movies, watch some of them and choose the one that’s comfortable to apply in your hair. Some of options for Brad Pitt hairstyles are listed at the following section.

  1. Shaggy hairstyle

Shaggy hairstyle is good choice for Brad Pitt in several movies that released in 1990s. As you know, shaggy hair cut was popular back then for young people. It has a little bit long cut at front that you can put on the left or right part. Usually, you may find the hair is divided into two equal sections. For more illustration, you should check his old movie when Brad Pitt was still young. This style is convenient for young people but there is no limited for implementation. If you feel confident and comfortable, try this shaggy style.

  1. Short haircut

When asking about Brad Pitt hairstyles, the most common answer is short cut. Certain variation uses spiky style but still short and clean. Short cut has been trademark for many actors, including Brad Pitt. The style is simple and easy to imitate. One benefit for having short haircut is less maintenance. In fact, you can turn it into messy look but still clean and neat enough without much effort. This kind of style is common to find in Brad Pitt movies after 2000. For references, you may consider watching Ocean series and see the short haircut from Brad Pitt. Another benefit for having shortcut is it’s versatile for any situation. You can have it for work, go to party, business meeting, and any events.

  1. Medium length
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Medium length is unique choice from the list of Brad Pitt hairstyles. Some men can do this style but the rest are not good enough. For Brad Pitt, he seems to be comfortable when having this style on public. Usually, he has this hairstyle when playing character that’s carefree, tough, and hero complex. For obvious example, you should check Troy where he acted as Achilles. Besides this movie, he also has medium length hairstyle in some of his old movies.

  1. Messy classic look

For casual yet elegant choice, the next hairstyle is messy classic look. This style is quite similar to short haircut. However, your hair has messy appearance as similar to what you have in the morning. This kind of style is good for informal events.

Well, four styles above are commonly found in Brad Pitt hairstyles. Keep in mind the styles are only for reference. You may find others from Brad Pitt that seem unique but suitable with your character. So, you just pick and try the best one by yourself.