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All You Need to Know about Adam Levine Hairstyles

Adam Levine hairstyles are quite interesting to discuss. We all know Adam Levine as the vocalist of the band Maroon 5. However, he often performs solo, too, and conquers the music and entertainment industry by storm. Now, he is one of the best singers in the world that everyone, especially young people, adores. His hairstyle, of course, has changed from time to time.

The Evolution of Adam Levine Hairstyles

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Since the beginning of his career, Adam Levine has done so many hairstyles on his head, starting from the nicest and slickest hairstyle to the wild, blonde cornrow he once had. For those who are interested in the topic of Adam Levine hairstyles, here is more information about that for you to read about the singer’s best hairstyles.

  1. The Shaggy Cut

Adam Levine loved to keep his hair thick and longer in mid 2000s. It was when Maroon 5 was so active as a band and perform gigs everywhere. As the vocalist, Adam was seen as the front man and he did quite a good job on his hair. He used shaggy cut, adding more volumes and textures to the hair, making it looked more interesting for the viewers.

  1. Sleek Short

In 2009, Adam Levine was apparently done with the longer hair. He cut his hair short and combed them so neatly to the back of the head. This slick short can be copied if you want one of those slightly more formal Adam Levine hairstyles. It is great to attend serious occasions, like weddings, or gala.

  1. The High Pomp
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His thick hair preference was back in around 2011. Instead of having the short and sleek hair, he kept his hair long and then styled it into high pomp, leaving more volumes of the hair on top of the head and then combed the rest of it neatly. He looked a bit like Elvis with this type of hairstyle. This is the one you probably want to copy, too, when it comes to Adam Levine hairstyles.

  1. Casual Short Spikes

One of the most remembered Adam Levine hairstyles is this casual short spikes. The vocalist looked really handsome in 2016 when he did this hairstyle on his head. The hair looks neat but great as it has a lot of textures from the spike. Copy this look by cutting your hair short and then use hair gel and your fingers to create the spikes.

  1. Long Sideburns

Long sideburns were used by Adam Levine in early 2019. He kept his hair thick and long on both sides of the head but trim the hair on the top quite shortly. For those who want to look sleek and sophisticated, this is the right hairstyle from the singer to copy.

Well, if you are a fan of Adam Levine and you would like to copy his hairstyle, there are several easy ones that you can copy. Those Adam Levine hairstyles will all make you look handsome and adorable just like vocalist.