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Various French Braids

There are many kinds of braids that you can try, but this article will show you about the types of Frech braids. This popular hair style can be made easily at home by yourself or helped by your mother or sister. Here are the various French Braids that you can wear.

  1. Regular French Braid
regular french braid tutorial » Various French Braids
regular french braid tutorial

The most popular one is regular French braid. How to make it? Start by brushing the hair back with a boar bristle paddle brush until it’s smooth. Take a comb or use your fingers to section the hair off in a “V” formation from the temples to the crown (hair). Then take three pieces of hair, begin braiding them from that section, and make sure to incorporate more hair from each side of the head each time you cross the hair over. Repeat this process until the ends.

  1. Rope Braid
rope braid styles » Various French Braids
rope braid styles

Put the hair into a ponytail and create two sections. Then twist each one in the same direction and cross the two sections over each other. Don’t forget to secure it at the ends with an elastic band. Give pomade to keep the strands in place and spritz hairspray to lock the style in.

  1. Fishtail Braids
fishtail braids step by step » Various French Braids
fishtail braids step by step

How to make this style? First, sectioning the hair into pigtails and divide each section into two. Hold both sections in one hand which separated by the pointer finger. Use the other hand to grab a small piece of hair from the outside of one section. Pull the strand over to the other half, then take a piece from the outside of that section and braid the opposite way. Keep braiding until the ends and hold it with an elastic. It is much better if it’s messy, pull out some strands and stretch out the braid for an intentionally undone look.

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  1. Dual Texture Braid
dual textured braid step by step » Various French Braids
dual textured braid step by step

First, you need to curl the hair for added texture. The texture is needed to make the braid has more grip. You can coat it with some hairspray and create a deep part on the right. Allow more braid to show straight on and pull the hair over the left shoulder. Start the regular French braid, then pulling pieces from the hairline each time and braid past the ear. Clip off the braid, so it doesn’t unravel the look. Start from the right temple, make French braid to the rest of the hair and continue until it meets the first braid. Combine the hair where the two braids meet and fishtail braid all the way to the ends for the finish process.

  1. Halo Braid
halo braids styles » Various French Braids
halo braids styles

Part the hair down the center and starting at the nape of your neck on the left side. Begin creating an inverted French braid following the hairline. Continue doing so the entire way around the head until you have done braiding all the hair. The last step is tuck the secured ends under the braid. Done!

  1. Waterfall Braid
waterfall braid updo » Various French Braids
waterfall braid updo

Create a center part  and make French braid from the right side of the part to the temple. Then, hold the three strands and continue the French braiding. Drop the outermost section of the braid that you will normally cross over.  Every piece that crosses over to the right, if you’re braiding the right side and the left piece when you’re working on the left side. Letting it fall thus creating the waterfall effect.

  1. Chainlink Braid
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chain link braid hairstyle » Various French Braids
chain link braid hairstyle

Before making the braid, start a low ponytail and wrap a piece of hair around the hair tie in order to make it looks polished. Then create four sections, to make this easy so you need to label them in the head as one, two, three, four from left to right. Take the third piece and cross it over the second piece, in the fourth section then you have to cross it under the second and third sections also over the third section. Drop the second piece and bring the first section under the third and fourth pieces. Continue the sequence until you have reached the ends.

After knowing this French braids, you must really want to make it by asking someone to help you. It is not really hard to do, so you can make it before going somewhere or attending some events.